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Hey it’s Fei from Feisworld Media. I help businesses convert views to leads for their products and services with YouTube.

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We help you replace “Buy Now” with quality content, reduce acquisition cost, increase retention, attract better, happier customers for real long-term growth.

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We walk the walk.

Our business runs on content, digital products, courses, brand partnerships and consulting.

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“While working with Fei we had significant growth in terms of views and revenue, subscribers, driving Doctorpedia from less than 10K to over 18K subscribers in just 4 months on YouTube. Youtube reached out to Doctorpedia for an official content partnership and we felt we were in great hands with Fei.”
Founder, Doctorpedia
“We expected thousands of attendees during our live webinar, and I want to make sure that we have an experienced moderator who’s warm and calm under pressure. Our guest speakers are tier-1 leaders such as Steve Wozniak, Arianna Huffington, Mark Cuban, and more. Fei has done a stellar job each and every time she chaired our live events. Our survey results in above 9.5/10 satisfactions. We also hired Fei to train our team of moderators and it was very well received. I look forward to partnering with her for many future collaborations.”
MIchael Price
Founder, CEO Club, Women Leaders Association
“Fei helped us navigate course content strategy and launch of Alcott Global Supply Chain Academy. In two months, we had a blueprint for beta testing strategy and execution. Specifically, the consensus on the beta launch platform, audit of our existing content, and production of beta content.”
Cristina tectu
Marketing Head, Alcott Global
“Fei is an experienced content creator, Youtube strategist, marketing and business consultant. She has vast knowledge and experience in helping companies generate leads and increase revenue. It’s a privilege to collaborate with Fei to help entrepreneurs grow their brands on Youtube.”
linh podetti
Co-Founder, Dawn Media Productions

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