About Fei Wu

Fei is the creator and host of Feisworld Podcast. She also works as a freelance digital marketer for small business and people. 

She has a 3rd-Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

In 2016, Fei left her lucrative job in advertising and built a company of her own, Feisworld LLC, to help others tell better stories, find more customers and create new revenue streams.


About the Podcast

Born in October 2014, Feisworld Podcast celebrates the stories of unsung heroes and self-made artists.

The podcast attracts 50,000 downloads and listeners from 40 countries. Available on iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Player.fm, Overcast.fm, Google Play and Spotify.

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Meet the Feisworld Podcast Team


Adam Leffert
Associate Producer,
.Net Developer

German Ceballos
Associate Producer,

Chadd Yuan
Social Media


Work With Fei

Fei offers freelance consulting services to people and businesses. She also works with companies to manage digital projects, build marketing practices, and creative toolkits.

Contact Fei or connect with her on LinkedIn to learn more. 


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