#altPodcasters 2018

Who We Are: a group of podcasters who are rethinking and reinventing the way we make and share our podcasts. 



We prefer that you have a podcast. You could be a seasoned podcaster or someone who's just starting out. 

If you are courageously working on a show that has not been launched yet, stop by and find out how we may be able to help you.


How It Works:

  1. We meet every other week on Saturdays (3pm EST) via Zoom

  2. Each week a different podcaster or podcaster-to-be will sign up to be the host. It doesn’t matter if you have a show up and running or you have one in the planning stage, everyone should be generous within the community and commit to sharing.

  3. Each meeting will end with people making promises to themselves.

  4. Meetings will be 45-60 minutes long and it goes like this: 

  • 5 minutes - Each hangout will begin with the group sharing one win they had or something they want to brag about.

  • 5 minutes - The podcaster of the week (POW) will introduce his/her show- talk about the format, style, episode content, guests, topic, etc.

  • 10 minutes

    • POW  gives the group one tip that helps them and,

    • POW will introduce one topic they need help or feedback on - i.e. SEO/ Hosting/ Equipment/ Booking guests/ monetization/ etc.

  • 15 minutes - The group responds and gives input.

In Closing (10 minutes) - Making a promise to yourself and you are welcome to share with the group. The group can encourage everyone in this private Facebook Group room between meetings to report on progress towards their promises.

Your Responsibility 

  • POW (podcaster of the week) is prepared to talk about their podcast 

  • POW and Host are responsible for arriving on time, opening and closing the virtual hangout

  • If POW can no longer attend the meeting as scheduled, s/he needs to contact someone else from the group to fill the role. (Alternatively, s/he can contact the organizers: Fei Wu and Steven Thompson for resolution) 


Haven't attended a session yet? 

Send a message to Fei to get started! 

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Disclaimer: altPodcasters is not affiliated with Seth Godin's altMBA, and independently organized and run by Fei Wu from Feisworld Podcast