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So much has happened in the past two weeks… I don’t typically do this, but below is a list of what I’ve been working on at Feisworld HQ. I’m more than thrilled with all the new experiments and experiences.

  • Feisworld Documentary has (finally) been submitted to Amazon Video Direct and FilmHub for worldwide distribution as of last week, some 60GB or so worth of assets. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, here it is. I’m honestly quite proud of it:
  • I don’t know which platforms will find Feisworld interesting, but I’ll release updates for when and where you can watch them as soon as I learn more.
  • Here’s the twist: Prior to submitting the docuseries directly to networks on my own, I was working with a distributor for months before I found out that they secretly went out of business. Lucky for me, I was able to call my credit card company and request my deposit back (by the way, it was A LOT of money). Seriously guys, please put expensive purchases on a notable credit card. For my business, I use the Chase Saffire Reserve Card (I’m not an affiliate). The card is expensive but the points and bonuses are quite worth it. They didn’t ask me twice to pull the plug on the distributor charges.
  • New episode launched today on with Joanna Penn from This is one of my new favorite episodes. Joanna reached out to me a few months ago and we ended up meeting in person during the Podcast Movement event in Orlando, Florida. Her website,, receives over 800,000 unique visitors per month and she runs a multi-six figure business on my her own. In this episode you’ll learn all about her creative process, what it’s really like to start from scratch, and how to build your scalable income.
  • I’m recording and producing videos for YouTube like crazy (I mean I’ve been publishing new videos to my channel Feisworld Podcast and Docuseries nearly every day for the past two weeks. Check out this one for example called “How to Make a Living as a Podcasters Without Counting Downloads” (this video was inspired by the most downloaded eBook I’ve written on

That’s a lot and that’s all for right now.

Who needs a hug and a nap?! 🙂

Much love,


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