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Google ads for documentary promotion

This video shows you step-by-step on how I use Google ads (YouTube instream ads) to promote my documentary called FEISWORLD:

Assets we created and showcased during this walkthrough:

1. Short promo videos (different ones for different guests featured in the documentary) in landscape and portrait orientations for YouTube in-stream ads and Instagram promotions

2. Set up YouTube in-stream ads through Google Ads using separate Ad Groups

3. Research YouTube targeted videos using TubeBuddy\’s Keyword Explorer and within Google Ads (* TubeBuddy: is a brilliant software I wish I knew sooner, also YouTube certified)

4. Apply $2-5 per day, per campaign or ad group

5. Analyze and optimize



Hey it’s Fei! I help small business owners package their services as digital products and sell them through YouTube and course marketing. I want to help you achieve more impact and income with less time.

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