How to be confident con camera (for YouTube) 2022

How to Develop and Practice Camera Presence: EASY YouTube Confidence Building 2022

This video will teach you how to develop and practice camera presence for your YouTube videos. I’ll cover the basics of camera presence, including tips on how to look engaging, what to do with your hands, how to move with purpose, how to be yourself, and much more. YouTube confidence building, and being confident on camera is a key skill and plays and integral role when we interact with others.


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:41 Tip 1 There’s no one size fits all
  • 02:57 Tip 2 Don’t wait until it\’s perfect
  • 03:33 Tip 3 Your style will be developed over time
  • 04:19 Tip 4 Camera presence and where to look
  • 05:17 Tip 5 Be yourself, be connected
  • 05:42 Tip 6 How fast/slow to speak on camera
  • 06:42 Tip 7 A smile goes a long way
  • 07:20 Tip 8 How to gesture
  • 08:52 Tip 9 How to relax
  • 10:29 Tip 10 How to test your equipments
  • 11:29 Tip 11 The importance of a checklist
  • 12:30 Tip 12 Microphone
  • 13:33 Tip 13 Finding the right partner
  • 14:56 Tip 14 Lighting
  • 16:53 Tip 15 Your background as part of your brand
  • 17:15 Tip 16 Indoor vs. Outdoor

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