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Intuit Accelerate | Connect with your clients and sell DURING your virtual meeting

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Long story short: For a lot of small business owners Speed is everything and a lot of virtual meeting apps such as Zoom and Google Meet are not enough when it comes to selling. They are not designed to connect with your clients immediately, collect payments or customer info. But Intuit Accelerate helps you do just that, and today I will talk about my favorite features of this tool.

Show notes:

  • 00:00 Intro

  • 03:02 Fav feature #1: Meeting transcripts

  • 03:27 Fav feature #2: Collecting payments

  • 03:45 Fav feature #3: Meeting summary (AI-generated meeting summaries and key points)

  • 04:13 Fav feature #4: Collecting customer info

  • 04:33 Fav feature #5: Downloadable meeting notes in Google Docs and PDF

  • 04:53 More reasons I love Intuit Accelerate

👉 Start using Intuit Accelerate for free today!



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