My 2018 New Year's Resolution... Now What?

New Year's Resolution.jpg

I have a whiteboard inside my office. On January 1st, 2018, I worked out a series of new year's resolutions that happened to fit four quadrants. 

Earlier today, I was planning on erasing it and replacing with all the exciting new projects I have planned - Feisworld's first online course, Feisworld documentary, Feisworld Chinese Podcast... 

Before I erased the board, I had to come clean about where I stand today - April 26th, nearly 4 months after I made myself all the promises. Now What? 

Have you thought about this question like I just did? 



This is what was on the board VS how well I think I'm doing: 

Main Focus This Year 

- Be a Good Boss --> A- 
- Stay in the Genius Zone (Do what I do best), focus on impact, not money --> B
- Build an online community --> A (check out altPodcasters)
- First $5K outside of consulting --> Not Yet :p
- Read more --> C 

How I Will Improve 

- Improve self-care, daily! --> A (Woohoo, yeah!)
- Don't say yes immediately to new projects --> A (It's hard, but worth it) 
- Do not take on more than 4 projects - or max at 20-25 hours per week for consulting work --> A
- Set aside 20 hours / 50% time per week on new growth and opportunities --> A- (Free time is finally there, I haven't been as efficient) 
-  Build buffer between meetings (minimum 30 mins) --> B

Habits to Develop 

- Reading Books (30 mins/day) --> D (Hmmm... not doing it) 
- Writing (30 mins/day to 1hr/day) --> B (Doing it... not consistently, I read Helena's every day to keep motivating myself)
- Exercise (30 mins-1hr, 3-4 per week) --> A (since a week ago... before that, pretty bad. I signed up at Lifetime, and I'm obsessed.) 
- Get away from my computer (once an hr) --> B (need a reminder to get serious about it) 

New Things To Learn / Revisit Old Hobbies

- Practice singing
- Pick up alto sax again
- Online business (online courses, webinar, etc.) 
- Apple store training (draw on my iPad) 
- Tennis
- Dance more (Hip hop, and Zumba counts, too) 


What was your new year's resolution? Please share in comment below!