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Zoom Countdown Timers on Virtual Background (UPDATED with Custom Timers too!)

This video includes an update to a previous video we released related to Zoom countdown timers. Since then we have produced MANY MORE countdown timers on black, white and color backgrounds. We also offer custom designs to include your brand and company colors, logos and more.


It\’s very stressful for Zoom and virtual meeting presenters and facilitators to keep track of time when individuals are speaking and presenting. These timers will solve for exactly that! #zoomtimers #zoomcountdowntimers


👉 Get your ready-to-use universal countdown timers: https://www.feisworld.com/timer

Custom timers: https://www.feisworld.com/countdown-timer/custom

Most timers are only $2/piece, with bundles at $10!


No design or editing needed. All timers are MP4 videos ready to upload to Zoom virtual background right away. It\’s a one-time payment so you only need to pay once.



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