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Get your brand featured on our YouTube & blog

Get exposed to quality and focused followers (primarily creators and small business owners). Reach a highly engaged audience with conversions to your product or service.

Usted es una prioridad.

Marcas felices a las que les encantó trabajar con nosotros.

Video Sponsorships

Vídeos totalmente integrados

Fully integrated videos refer to videos with content featuring your brand, product, or service.

Let’s create a series of videos covering multiple aspects of your products and services. This approach has better results because YouTube will see selected keywords more than once related to our video content.


Video mentions include “mentions” only, such as “this video is sponsored by XYZ”, or a more elaborated version usually within 30 seconds to cover more details related to the sponsorship, brand, or product.

We recommend applying video mentions to our content that’s trending now.

Cortos de YouTube

YouTube Shorts are videos under 60 seconds. Since 2021, YouTube has been pushing Shorts to compete with TikTok, and therefore Shorts are receiving lots of organic traffic.

We recommend creating original Shorts content, as well as Shorts repurposed from long-form content.

Full Marketing Integration

Nuestro blog

10,000+ visits a month to our website: Your sponsored video will appear in a dedicated and permanent review blog post

Nuestra lista de correo electrónico

2,500+ email subscribers and over 20%+ open rate. Your sponsored video and product will be mentioned in one of our weekly emails

Nuestro LinkedIn

4,300+ followers and thousands of impressions on our posts on LinkedIn. Your video will be shared as a post on my personal and company page.

Nos encantan los análisis

23k quality and focused subscribers on YouTube, 10k unique visitors to the Feisworld blog, 2500 email subscribers with 20%+ open rate

Audiencia y demografía

  • 64% hombres, 36% mujeres
  • Público principal: propietarios de pequeñas empresas, nuevas empresas, empresarios creativos
  • también ejecutivos de empresas, inversores, educadores

Geografías (Top 4)

  • Estados Unidos: 36%
  • India 14
  • Reino Unido 4,4
  • Canadá 3,9

Temas y áreas de interés

  • AI and tech how-to tutorials, comparison videos, best-of tools
  • Creative entrepreneurship videos
  • Livestream y multistream how-tos para creadores de contenidos (no jugadores)
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¿Cómo funciona el proceso?

Primer paso


Planifica y haz una lluvia de ideas sobre posibles vídeos en Google Docs.

Paso 2


Revisar juntos las sugerencias para encontrar el contenido adecuado y la hoja de ruta de publicación

Paso 3

Planificar y registrar

We go ahead and fully produce the sponsored content. We submit them for review.

Paso 4

En directo en YouTube

We schedule the videos and blogs and go live!

Ejemplos de vídeos patrocinados

Revisar ejemplos de blogs

Le tenemos cubierto

Preguntas frecuentes

Usually within 1-2 weeks depending on the complexity of the content.

Feisworld Media. We respect your ideas and welcome them at the start of the project.
However, it’s not ideal once we are in recording and post-production as additional feedback will increase the cost of the video and delay the launch.

If there are visuals, images, logos, or b-roll you want us to consider, it will be important to get them as soon as we start.
For referral tracking, a referral or an affiliate link should be available prior to the video launch.

Most brands submit payment for Feisworld invoices as soon as we start the project.
Feisworld also works with brands on a retainer basis to deliver a set of videos each month.

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