Welcome to the Freelancer Starter Kit

When I introduce myself as a podcaster to new friends on and off of the Feisworld Podcast, the most frequently asked questions is, "Are you a full-time podcaster?" 

The answer is: No. 

I am a freelancer.

Specifically, I work as a digital marketer and project manager when I'm not recording for Feisworld. And I love what I do. 

This Freelance Starter Kit is an attempt to build upon #freelanceLIVE, a 10-day series I recorded on Facebook in 2016, which has received over 10,000 views. 

It became clear that there is a still need for independent freelancer like myself and others to share their experiences. 

Before we get started, I want to clarify the type of freelancer I am.

As a digital marketer and producer, I am able to perform many if not all the tasks anywhere in the world. I am a location-independent freelancer. 

This is not to say that face-to-face interactions aren't meaningful. In some cases, my clients do prefer having me on-site for meetings, workshops. 

I believe that most job functions can be translated into freelance engagements. This is even true for many medical professionals today. However, I understand that the transition not only varies from industry to industry, but also person to person as a result of business and personal circumstances. 

The #freelanceLIVE series covered many popular topics from "Getting Started" to "Being in the Trenches":

  • Freelancers vs. Entrepreneurs

  • How to Get Started When You Have No Idea

  • Questions You Need to Ask Yourself (before freelancing)

  • Myth and Truth

  • Health Insurance for Freelancers

  • How to Get Clients (approach and close a client)

  • Rapid-fire Questions from Listeners

  • Spotting Good vs. Bad Clients

  • Best Tools, Resources for Freelancers (contracts, invoicing, time tracking)

  • Getting Stuff Done! (GSD)

Starting in the summer of 2018, I'm refining the series even further by sharing more insights in the following topics. Each topic will evolve into its own blog article overtime.  

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The Setup (available on the blog today!)

  • Health Insurance

  • Personal and Business Finance

  • DIY Incorporation

  • Taxes

  • Retirement options for freelancers and small businesses


  • What you offer

  • How you charge

  • Places to promote yourself

    • How to find AND close potential clients

    • Do you need a website or not?

    • How to work with recruiters

On the Job 

  • Time management

  • Managing multiple clients (& know when it's too much or too little)

  • What to do when business is slow

  • Taking care of your body and mind

  • Going on vacations

  • Ramping up and down

  • Stay in touch with previous clients and potential new customers

Teaching Others What You Do 

  • Start your blog

  • Join a podcast

  • Sit down with someone (duh)

  • Teach a class

Managing Growing Pain 

  • Getting help

  • How to hire contractors

  • How to hire virtual assistant

  • Acquiring new skills

  • Going from freelancing to entrepreneurship

(Bonus) Dealing with Family & Friends Expectations on Holidays and Everyday Life