Introducing the 2017 Freelancer's Starter Kit on Feisworld Podcast!

Dear Feisworld Listeners, 

Welcome to our new Mini Series called the 2017 Freelancer's Starter Kit! 

When I introduce myself as a podcaster to new friends on and off of the show, the most frequently asked questions is, "Are you a full time podcaster?" 

The answer is: No. 

I am a freelancer. Specifically, I work as a digital marketer and project manager when I'm not recording for Feisworld. And I love what I do. 

This mini series is an attempt to build upon #freelanceLIVE, a 10-day series I recorded on Facebook in 2016, which has over 10,000 views. 

To respect everyone's time, we will limit each episode to be between 5-10 minutes. 

We will cover popular topics related to freelancing from "Getting Started" to "Being in the Trenches":

  • Freelancers vs. Entrepreneurs
  • How to Get Started When You Have No Idea
  • Questions You Need to Ask Yourself (before freelancing)
  • Myth and Truth
  • Health Insurance for Freelancers
  • How to Get Clients (approach and close a client)
  • Rapid-fire Questions from Listeners
  • Spotting Good vs. Bad Clients
  • Best Tools, Resources for Freelancers (contracts, invoicing, time tracking)
  • Getting Stuff Done! (GSD)

All the resources mentioned in this series including people, links, workbooks can be found right here on

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Talk soon,