How we help Grow Your Show


Part 1:
Goals & Expectations

We set up a call using Zoom to discuss your goals and expectations for this project. Why? Every client and every project is different. Instead of mass production, we tailor our work to your needs.

Part 2:
Podcast Audit

We conduct a thorough audit on your existing podcast to understand:

  • The current level of engagements (website and social channels)

  • Popular content

  • Recommendations for areas of improvements sorted by priority and complexity

Part 3:
Content Calendar

We create a content calendar based on your brand goals and learnings from the podcast audit (Part 2)

An example of content options

Screenshot 2019-03-04 23.33.08.png

An example of a Content Calendar


Part 4:
Design & Audiograms

Many clients come to us asking for design help for their website and social channels. Based on the content calendar created (Part 3), the frequency of your podcast, other content and services you’d like to promote, we will create a series of assets you can share across social channels.

We can create most of these web and social assets using your existing content. We can also create audiograms (example) from your podcast. A popular app to create audiograms is called Headliner.

If you would like to create video content for your website, online courses, services, etc., please visit this page.


Part 5: Publishing & Automation

We offer services to help you schedule and publish content directly on your social channels. This requires us to have access to your social media accounts. We can walk you through permissions and setup.

Alternatively, you or someone on your team can use the combination of Content Calendar (Part 3), design and audiograms (Part 4) we help create to publish the content directly.

We recommend using a social media publishing platform such as Agorapulse to manage posting. This app also allows reposting of existing content to save you time, and engage with more people without doing extra work.


Part 6:
Analysis & Optimization

We require a minimum of a 3-month engagement to properly analyze progress and results.

We will be able to help you generate monthly report based on the performance of our recommendation. We will also be able to further tweak our strategy to optimize growth.

(Optional): We offer Facebook ads strategy to clients who


Other Services (On-demand)

Facebook ad strategy

Launch your show in China on Ximalaya FM (the biggest podcasting platform in China, 500 million users)

Podcast guest strategy (i.e. pitch yourself on other shows)


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