Are you looking for new guests on YOUR show? Let's chat!

Hit me up. I'd love to learn more about your podcast and be a guest.

Topics can include but not limited to: 

Podcasting (and how to make a making without counting the downloads) 

Project Management (and have fun?@#$ Yes!)

Freelancing (and the things people talk about...

Digital Marketing (because I help people and small business thrive


Perhaps we can also talk about... 

Martial arts - I'm trained in Taekwondo for 16 years with a 3rd Degree Black Belt 

Culture and Travel - I was born and raised in Beijing, China 

Art - I love drawing, painting, and use it as a form of meditation

Education - how to learn and unlearn 

Topics of your choice


I know how just how much work that goes into the production of a single episode. I will share our episode with the Feisworld audience and introduce you to them personally. 


Got questions? I have answers (hopefully).