Podcast Guest faqs

You landed on this page, most likely because you've been selected to appear as a guest on Feisworld Podcast. 

Congrats and Welcome Aboard! 

Feisworld Podcast is a platform created for unsung heroes and self-made artist. We know just how special you are, and our listeners will be able to learn so much through your stories. Here's what will happen next.


1. Schedule the Interview

Use this link to schedule one hour for the interview: 

The actual recording itself is about 45 mins. The extra time gives us a buffer to make sure things are working properly.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your interview, you can do so directly through the existing calendar invite on your own.


2. Prepare for the Recording (Content and Technology-wise) 

a) Starting in 2018, we use Zoom for the recording. A Zoom link is available in the recording invite. Please be sure to test the link prior to recording. Zoom may require some plug-in to install first which take 1-2 minutes.

b) Before the recording, it's best to plug an ethernet cable (if you have it) into your computer. Otherwise, please test your connection to make sure it's working well ahead of our interview. 

d) We require an external microphone (a headset or headphone) to improve recording quality. (If you don't have a mic ready to go, use the earbuds that come with your phone!)

We typically do not use the video. (We’ll let you know if we do, you won’t be surprised by it) So turn the camera on, no need for makeup or fancy shirt, but I love seeing my guests during the recording!

We have a YouTube channel (See our YouTube channel) but YouTube hasn't been very effective for podcasts. Hence we decided to focus audio only as of January 2018.

e) Do you need to prepare for your questions? Yes please! I'll likely give you a sense or a few topics to think about first. Our podcast focus on six main topics to give our listeners a variety to choose from. However, we ask our guests to choose 1-2 topics where we can dive in deeper and set the stage for the episode. 

When the episode is released, your episode will be featured on the topic's landing page. 

In addition, we encourage you to listen to a few episodes to get a feel for it.  Keep in mind - We tend to jump around and be spontaneous during the recording. Since it's not a live show - just sit back, relax and be yourself.  :)


3. Podcast goes live - Let's Promote Your Story Together

After we complete our recording, the audio file is immediately queued for production. It normally takes between 2-4 weeks (yes, it's a labor of love) depending on the content we have in our backlog. We will let you know as soon as the podcast is live. You will receive an email directly from us with ALL the podcast details, including the blog post, audio player, embed code for the web, show notes and favorite quotes. 

Your episode will be automatically promoted to all of Feisworld Podcast channels on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn.

It's optional, but we highly recommend that you follow us @feisworld on social media prior to recording, so you can be notified and tagged for your episode when it comes out. See social links below. 


We also encourage you to:

  • Share your episode with your friends, family and audience (i.e. social media, email lists) you've built over the years (if you don't feel comfortable doing that, you can always ask a friend, a sibling, a spouse. Trust us, it's OK to share and there's no shame in letting people know what you've been up to). 

  • Share more than once - we noticed the power of sharing the episode more than once which can help significant increase the number of downloads and reach new listeners.

  • Interact with listeners, followers and people who comment on your episode

  • Embed the audio player on your website - Yes, you are free to use any or all the content we record together. No need to ask us

  • Consider getting a transcript - Here's a list of service providers from Consumer Affairs. You can also Google more options. 1 mins of recording usually costs $1. Our podcast is anywhere between 40-60 mins. Why get a transcript? An average American English speaker engaged in a friendly conversation speaks at a rate of approximately 110–150 words per minute (wpm) or 6,600 words per hour! Yes, that's easily worth 10 blog posts, and content you can repurpose easily elsewhere.


Do you have other ideas to promote your story, our podcast? Please share them with me. 

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