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Welcome to the ultimate guide to Zoom, Zoom Webinar, body language that will create more passive income and time freedom for you and the ones you love. New & exclusive content added every week!

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๐ŸŽฏ The Challenges of Mastering Zoom

  • Zoom is updated regularly and it’s hard to keep up!

  • Zoom’s limitations such as audio and video don’t have obvious workarounds

  • There’s more to Zoom than just the tech stuff to really master Zoom

  • Zoom has limited payment options that make one-time, installments, subscriptions difficult

  • Zoom is changing, so is the way we work. One size doesn’t fit all

I believe teaching and learning should always be fun! Each piece of content is crafted with love, care and a big smile. I often get compliments for my soothing voice too so it’s easy on the ear too ๐Ÿ™‚

๐ŸคŸ The Ultimate Guide to Zoom 2022

  1. Bite-sized video content at your finger tips designed to triage common issues

  2. Tested video tutorials that answer your questions right away (hint: after 1M views on YouTube, we know your wants and needs)

  3. Easy to follow, click-by-click instructions to never feel overwhelmed

  4. Downloadable tip sheets and cheat sheets for your most important Zoom meetings on the go

  5. Teaching you how to look & sound your best on camera

  6. The only audio and video guide you won’t get elsewhere to navigate Zoom’s limitations

  7. Payment options (one-time, subscriptions, memberships) and platforms for you to make money on Zoom, so you can most easily charge for your Zoom and Zoom Webinars (without complicated IT setup) to maximize your earning potential for every event

  8. Hybrid Zoom meeting setup for attendees both in-person and online.

  9. Advanced Zoom features and deep-dives

  10. Explore Zoom Marketplace (additional Zoom plug-ins) to get more done with less time

Breathe out – Ahhh, you will want to teach others because it feels good! Plus…


  • Learn from world-class body language experts

  • Moderation techniques for meetings of any size

  • The business side of Zoom – how to make bigger impacts and sell more
    without leaving the comfort of your home

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Do you have a large Zoom meeting or Zoom webinar coming up? Consulting may be the easiest way to have your and your teamโ€™s questions answered. I offer training for individuals, groups and corporations.

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