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Angela Akinyemi: Learning Through Reflection

Sifu Mimi Chan: Disney Mulan's Body Double

Jennifer Nycz: Language and Mind (An Exploratory Conversation)

Bisila Bokoko: Finding Your Authentic Self

Jeff Grey: From Teenage Diary to Professor Grey

Jonathan Lunde: Walking the Walk for UTEC

Vicki Jackson, MD on Palliative Care and Why Small Things Matter

Roman Tomanov: Born with a Set of Straps - Then and Now.

Anny Laplante: Flying with Style to a New Creation in Circus 1903

David Williamson: Ringmaster of Circus 1903, Close-up Magician, Applied Psychologist

Gustavo Serafini: I can do it so can you.

Johnny B.A.N.G. Reilly: Born. Alive. Noise. Gone.

Freddie Laker: How does a creative, serial entrepreneur turn confidence into results?

David Black-Schaffer: Flip the Classroom

Adrienne Pitts: Life of a Freelance Traveling Photographer

BJ Miller: How do we reframe suffering and find our unique joy?

Mariana Glusman: How everyday play and bedtime stories grow love, connections and brainpower

Ai Ming Oei: From High School Singer to Mingue and 7-Million Downloads on Spotify

Kim Jimenez: Real Talk on Growing Your Business Through Online Marketing and Social Media

Jesse Macht: How Independent Musicians Can Make a Living & Build a Tribe

Dan Cooper: Blue Man / Cheeky Monster / World-Class Collaborator

Anne Jablonski: Feathered Pipe Foundation, Mindfulness Unplugged

Katie Clark: Your Children Will Find You

Khim Teoh: Helping Blind Children Find Lights Through Music

Polly Chatfield: The Gift of Teaching and Giving

David Anttony: Life on a Nature-Abundant Organic Farm

David Stewart on Ageist: Rethink Aging and Redefining Later Life

Helen Chin Lui: Natural Healing and Self Care at Home and at Work

Will Collins: The Painful Truth that Brings Everything Together

Sarah Cooper: Behind the Scenes with the Creator of “10 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings”

Jason Smith: Creating Clarity and Connection for Growth

Anne Spalter: Thriving as a Digital Artist and Educator

Sheena Yap Chan: Where Can Confidence Take You?

Helen Chong: The Art of Business and Motherhood

Tsering Dolma Sherpa: Invest in and Educate Women Entrepreneurs in Nepal

Gordon Lau: Journey of a Student Philosopher


Lauren Brown: Professional Ballerina to Business Strategist

Alyssa Ackerman: An Open-Ended Mission to Explore Human Landscapes… from a DIY Van

Chris Voss: Playful and Courageous Negotiation

(Mini) Financial vs. Spiritual Independence: What’s more important to you?

Eirini Tornesaki: Risks and rewards inside and outside of KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiousities

Nat Novak: The Art of Making Things

Glenn Engler: Lead with curiosity, heart and a sense of humor

Jonathan Bingham: Skater, Philanthropist and CEO of Janeiro Digital

(Mini) Three Unusual Ways to Generate Revenue Through Your Podcast

Jordan Harbinger: The Inner Workings of Effortless Charm

David Delmar: Hacking the Opportunity Gap with Resilient Coders

(Mini) No Experience Required. Beginners Welcome.

Matthew Cronin: Meet the Middle East. One person at a time.

Mick Ebling: Help One. Help Many. #NotImpossible

(Mini) Q&A: Strategic Storytelling in Social Media

Caitie Whelan: Attention to What Matters

Karen Fan and Felege Gebru: a journey from Newton North High School to the White House

Courtney Marsh: behind and beyond her documentary film “Chau”

Srini Rao: What it takes to be an Unmistakeable Creative

Chris Edwards on his memoir, “BALLS” and understanding gender identity

Krista Tippett – The Incomparable, Insightful Host of On Being



Jordan Clayton: Unexpected UX

Atherton Twins: Human flight made possible

Dorie Clark on “Stand Out”: find your idea, turn obstacles into strengths and meet the world

Chris Yen: Badass Kung Fu movie star and martial-arts-inspired fashion designer

Mariann Bucina Roca: A small gesture changes everything

Renee Herendeen: Professional dancer, graceful and centered Marketing Director

Alexander Kjerulf: Chief Happiness Officer at Woohoo Inc.

Tom Seabourne: Renaissance man of fitness

Wade Devers: Designer to Creative Director with authenticity and humor

Sam Ford on Spreadable Media, storytelling and audience engagement

Lee Schwamm, Vice Chair of Neurology from Mass General Hospital on designing effective approaches to patient care

Ira Cummings on art, design and the indescribable freedom

Lisa Leffert: “I consider myself the luckiest person in the world.”, Chief of Obstetric Anesthesia at Massachusetts General Hospital

Van Le: changing worlds from the Fall of Saigon to Harvard, social service and the law

Clint Willis: Thinker. Writer. Surfer.

Eli Schwamm (Soundbite version): High School Senior and Volunteer at Samaritans Boston

Eli Schwamm: 17-year old rapper and Samaritans volunteer

Nate Delong: Muay Thai Champion and full-time Producer (for real?!)

George Ko: Pianist, Young Steinway Artist, Harvard undergrad

Lee Skunes (yoga teacher/dancer) on the tremendous life we have

Claudia Azula: Become an Idea Machine, The Power of No and a universal message for women

Fei Wu: Behind the scenes at the feisworld podcast

Bob Goodman on UX: The art of exploration

Chris Heinen: Full Stack Developer. Skydiver. Adventurist.

Kristina Reed: Disney Producer for Oscars 2015 Best Animated Feature (Big Hero 6), Best Animated Short (The Feast, Paperman)

Ralph Peterson Jr.: the living legacy of an art form

Julia Holloway: Balancing yourself for constant change, authentic connection and meaningful success

Barry Alexander: How to launch and sustain a stellar career as a classical musician

Michael O’Malley on Tae Kwon Do competition and the path to resilience

Matt Lindley: Finding your unique creative contribution as an artist and a parent

John Haggerty: Behind the scenes on and off Broadway

Inna’s Dream: to connect through Jewish cuisine

Stephen Shapiro on Mastery, Performance and Innovation

Josh Green on digital strategy, spreadable media and mass transit

Caleb Brown on art and the essential dichotomies in life

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