Feisworld Podcast & Feisworld LLC Media Kit


Master Logo

This is the primary Feisworld Podcast and Feisworld LLC logo, it should be used in all cases, except when space or visibility is limited.


Options to download the master logo in PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF

Logo in white

The font used in the design is Montez. This font is licensed free for commercial and personal use and its letters were manually modified for this specific design.

The colors used in the designs are: red 0 69 60 21 CMYK, ca3f51ff RGB, 701 Pantone; red_2 0 45 42 19 CMYK, cf7178ff RGB, 709 Pantone; red_3 0 70 63 35 CMYK, a7323eff RGB, 1805 Pantone; gold 0 15 45 18 CMYK, d0b173ff RGB, 465 Pantone. (Alternative colors for the entire logo: pure black and white)

We realize you might have specific needs. If you have any questions or special requests, contact Fei Wu at fei(at)feisworld(dot)com


Images of Fei Wu

Color lifestyle, Black & White studio shots (click on the photo directly to download / save) - High res photos available upon request. Please contact hello(at)feisworld.com

Lifestyle photos by Piquant Photo