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Fei Wu (Short Bio) 

Hey it’s Fei (pronounced as “fay”)

Fei helps small business owners craft video content to showcase their products and services, and to grow their customer base with YouTube strategies designed to meet their business needs.

She is a bilingual podcaster (English and Mandarin Chinese), the creator Feisworld Media (a monetized YouTube channel with 17K subscribers and 50K+ views per month), Feisworld Podcast / 菲的世界播客 (with over 200K downloads worldwide) and Feisworld Documentary Series on Amazon Prime.

Fei left her job in marketing and advertising to build a company of her own called Feisworld LLC, with a mission to help small businesses and creative entrepreneurs tell better stories, find more customers and create new revenue streams.

She also teaches others how to run better Zoom Meetings and Webinars, own and monetize their content on YouTube via Feisworld Academy.

Her stories have been featured by Dorie Clark in her best-selling book called “Entrepreneurial You”, as well as Harvard Business Review.

Fun Facts: Fei has a 3rd-Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. She worked as a DJ for the China National Radio Station (CNR) at the age of 16.

Origin: Born in Beijing, China, educated in Boston, MA, Fei speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and English.


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FEISWORLD MEDIA Logo 1000x1000.png


Images of Fei Wu

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