Marketing Mentorship & Activation

Going out on your own is hard, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Hey it’s Fei! I’m so glad you found me. For nearly a decade, I’ve helped seasoned entrepreneurs excel in their businesses by telling better stories, finding more customers and building new revenue streams.

What if…

You have a thinking partner and a mentor you can trust, someone you can collaborate with and do some of the work with you?

Here’s a bonus – I bring my virtual assistants (VA) and content managers with me to work. That’s right – you get two people for the price of one!

What I can do
for YOU


With more than a decade of experience working in digital marketing and business consulting, I can help you with:

  • Clarity: refine your message & offering, reach the right audience
  • Strategy: understand and define your needs, execute consistently on the right strategy
  • Connection: provide support, connections with industry experts and influencers
  • Direction: co-create an actionable roadmap for you or your team
  • Deliverables: co-create projects and deliverables that significant increase your business ROI, including but not limited to website design, re-design, content strategy, content calendar, event ideation and management, email marketing, mini course and signature course development and launch, YouTube content strategy and video production.

Is this YOU?

Experienced creative entrepreneurs with 5+ years of experience in running your business. You are ready to build even more momentum and level up.

You refer to yourself as seasoned entrepreneurs, authors, content creators, coaches…

You’ve noticed the growth in your business (six or multi-six figures) but so much of the work is still dependent on trading your time for money.

You have a vast amount of knowledge in your domain and that’s why you are hired at high rate to help big companies.

You understand the importance of creating online courses, but you are overwhelmed by your existing workload, and not sure how course production and marketing works.

You may already have a contract with a publishing company, or you hope to self-publish in the next 12 months…

You’ve been thinking about so many other things. A podcast? videos on YouTube? writing more on your blog or perhaps a first book? You are willing to do the work, But how do these things come together? When and how will you measure and see results?

How I work with YOU

Every client need/scheduled/work style is different. It’s important that we build the right cadence for you. Typically, we will:

  • Start off with a 1.5-hr kickoff call via Zoom to understand your focus areas, goals and expectations for the month, quarter and possibly the year.
  • We break down and prioritize your goals and deliverables for each month, and manage them accordingly using management tools such as Trello, Notion or other software of your choice.
  • We check weekly via Zoom for 30-min to make sure we are on track and address your questions
  • We also check in regularly via email, where you can ask me questions, review deliverables and more.

 Holiday? Vacation? Outages? 

  • You and I both need time-off to refuel. You’ll have access to my calendar, and I’ll ask you for the same. Our marketing calendar and product launch will reflect these outages.


6 months program (recommended) at $3,000/month

3 months program at $4,000/month

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