• There is not enough time, when you already work full-time, have a family to care for.

  • Marketing and technology aren’t straightforward. You want to focus your limited time on the creation process, not the essential business setup and maintenance.

  • You need a plan and accountability partner stick to it.

Struggles for your side hustle


What I can do for you

With more than a decade of experience working in digital marketing, I can help you go from zero to launch.

  • Clarity: refine your message & offering, reach the right audience

  • Strategy: understand and define your needs, execute consistently on the right strategy

  • Connection: provide support, connections with industry experts and influencers

  • Direction: co-create an actionable roadmap for you or your team


Who is this for?

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a content creator, a seasoned professional or someone who's just starting out,  I'm here to help you. 

My client-base ranges from artists (fine arts, performing arts), musicians, to creative freelancers and business owners. 

A great number of my clients are first and second-generation immigrants in the United States. I take pride in helping them achieve their own American Dreams. 

Because I am also an immigrant, I know precisely how difficult it can be for you to create your brand and start your business.


How does it work?

Zoom Sessions (Two 60-min sessions per month) 

  • Sprint 1 (Month 1 & 2): Refine your products/services and ship your marketing materials - website, one-pager, brochure, etc.

  • Sprint 2 (Month 3 & 4): First practice client & feedback

  • Sprint 3 (Month 5 & 6): First real client & feedback

Future sprints and goals are defined on a per-client basis

Email Support

Holiday? Vacation? Outages? 

  • You and I both need time-off to refuel. You'll have access to my calendar, and I'll ask you for the same. Our marketing calendar and product launch will reflect these outages.


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