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Dear visitors from NYPL, super thrilled that you are here! Please allow me to introduce myself:

I am a bilingual content creator (English and Mandarin Chinese) behind Feisworld Media (a monetized YouTube channel with 15K subscribers and 100K+ views per month), Feisworld Podcast / 菲的世界播客 (with over 200K downloads worldwide) and Feisworld Documentary Series on Amazon Prime.

I left my full-time job in marketing and advertising to build a company of my own called Feisworld LLC in early 2016, with a mission to help small businesses and creative entrepreneurs tell better stories, find more customers and create new revenue streams.

I love teaching others to do what I do: YouTube and podcast. More importantly, how to choose yourself, own your content and build a profitable business from it.

I lead an international mastermind group and create courses for YouTubers and podcasters. My stories have been featured by Dorie Clark in her best-selling book called “Entrepreneurial You”, as well as Harvard Business Review.

Fun Facts: I have a 3rd-Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. I work as a DJ for the China National Radio Station (CNR) at the age of 16.

Origin: Born in Beijing, China, educated in Boston, MA, I speak fluent Mandarin Chinese and English.

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