Atherton Twins 10 for 10 , Cirque du Soleil 

In 2015, Atherton Twins hired Feisworld to redesign and develop their website,

In 2017, Feisworld advised on and co-created the first online course for Atherton Twins, Dan Cooper Creative and In Color Studios called 10 for 10. This is the first gymnastics and circus arts inspired workout series created by Andi and Kevin Atherton, for busy professionals on the go. In each workout video, there are 10 Exercises for 10 Minutes.  

The videos were recorded at In Color Studios in Las Vegas. 

Below are 2 of the 10 exercise videos. In addition, we also produced a promo video for Atherton Twins to share across social medias as content to engage with potential customers. 


The Classical Musician Today, Alexander & Buono International

Barry Alexander and Cosmo Buono, Chairmen of Alexander and Buono International, hired Feisworld to produce a series of online course videos for their book, The Classical Musician Today. 

The videos were recorded inside an apartment building (non-studio environment) in New York City, with limited sound and lighting control. This example is to showcase that course videos CAN be produced in a less controlled, and often more convenient location for our clients.