Why I conducted these interviews 

For as long as I could remember, I knew I wanted to be a freelancer or an entrepreneur. It was only a matter of when, not if. But most people I knew prior to starting a podcast worked full-time. There weren't enough role models that could "show me the way". So I decided to find them myself. 

The podcast platform couldn't be more perfect. In addition to the interview recordings, we offer show notes, quotes and resources that helps break down the process of how they became their own bosses. 

Is this for you? 

I explore conversations with people who are freelancers and entrepreneurs. They love what they do, and they have tremendous freedom in designing their everyday lives. 

Turns out, one of the most effective ways to market yourself and to start your own business is to build your tribe.

From executive coaches, authors, speakers to YouTubers, online marketing experts, agency founders - you get a taste for how others do it, and what you might be able to start doing too. (Hint: it's not always about the expertise or hard work, mindset is key.)

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