Why I conducted these interviews 

I wrote more than 1,000 pages of fictions by the age of 15, in both Mandarin Chinese and English. None was published or seen outside of my bookshelf in Beijing, China.

I also loved acting and producing short films on my 1995 JVC video camera that rarely worked properly. Nevertheless, My friends and I had a blast.

These early obsessions of mine had been long forgotten until I started the podcast, 15 years later. Better yet, I started writing again regularly, bringing my authentic self to do the work. It doesn't always work or connect with others, but every single reader and listener counts.

My new mission is to help spread the ideas of incredible authors, speakers and filmmakers. As of the summer 2018, I am making a documentary for the first time.

Is this for you? 

Do you have an idea you want to share with the world? 

It doesn't matter whether you have a blog post to write, a podcast to share, or a film to make, getting an idea to spread, making a change happen isn't a trivial task. Most people never start, and the ones who do often quit too soon. 

In these episodes of the podcast, we interview people who have done it. What I have learned in summary is what Seth Godin has taught us: 

  • Don't make average products for average people.
  • Find the people who are obsessed.
  • Sell to the people who are listening.
  • Be remarkable.

Please listen to these stories and share your reflections with us via comments.  

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