Why I conducted these interviews 

There is one truth we share as human beings: we are all constantly going through transitions. 

Transitions can be exciting, but they can also be scary and uncomfortable. The only thing harder than transitions is to go through it alone.

Don't alienate yourself. You are not an outsider. 

Career, parenthood, relationship, illness are all part of life. But they can add messiness to the already daunting task of being a human. Because we have all suffered, listening to each others' stories can make us stronger and understand each other better. 

This section contains both guest interviews and my own reflections as a Chinese immigrant blogger and podcaster.

Is this for you? 

  • Did you experience hardships growing up
  • Did you become a parent recently?
  • Are you moving to another country
  • Are you an immigrant in a new country, feeling lost and uncertain about the choices in life?
  • Are you trying to reinvent yourself and find new meanings? 
  • Did you a college graduate and wonder where life will take you next? 

If not, do you know anyone who is? 

We want to add more conversations to these shared stories. Send us your ideas and suggestions here.

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