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Podcast Launch & Growth

Fei and her team will help you launch your new podcast, or grow your existing one.

Marketing Mentor

Fei Wu works with a small number of clients each year to mentor them on many aspects of their marketing needs.  

Video Production 

We have a talented video production crew to help you create online courses, promos, live events, and even documentaries!


Web Development

We develop your website using SquareSpace with remarkable user experience, plus a digital marketing plan that works. 

Audiobooks Creation

We have edited 20+ audiobooks for ACX/Amazon. We have a processing chain set up exactly to meet the ACX standard and we know how distribution works. 


What They Said...


Why Work With Fei?


I choose my clients carefully. A successful project is a result of a trusted relationship and the right skill sets.

From the first engagement, which usually takes place at a coffee shop or via Skype, I listen to your stories, dreams and aspirations for your project whole heartily, without judgement.

Before I offer any opinions or services, it is important that I begin to see what you see.  


I'm not sure about you, but I'm tired of talking about strategies. 

Everyone wants to take credit, nobody wants to do the work. I love doing the work and can teach you how to do the same. 

Work with me to prepare a Marketing Calendar & Project Plan that will guide you and your team.


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