"I'm a fan. Turns out, it's easy to be a fan of Fei's. Easy going, inquisitive, and always willing to lend a hand. I'm stuck mostly with her ability to help those junior to her move up. No pretension. Genuine. Of course part of her confidence probably comes from the fact that she's a black belt and could twist most of us into a pretzel."

- Matt Lindley, Managing Director, SapientRazorfish Boston

"I've personally experienced multiple accounts where projects were becoming too unclear or disorganized and Fei swooped in to tame the confusion and drive us forward. Above all, her passion is contagious and will be sorely missed."

Jordan Clayton, Freelance UX/Creative Director

"I say in “your life” rather than in “your work”, because you are the kind of person who brings her full being to each interaction and every situation. Your life is your work. Or, your life’s work is yourself – and, while that project will never be completed – you’ve arrived today at a still place of strength and poise."

- Caleb Brown, World Builder at the Caleb Brown Experience

Whether you're starting your own business, rebranding yourself or looking for an infallible organizer for a project that needs oversight, Fei is an amazing ally with bottomless energy and insights you can trust.

- Julia Clinger, freelancer copywriter

"Fei not only brings her own unique approach to project management (and a passion for passing it along to others), but also an up-to-date and well-versed take on integrated marketing that embraces measurement rigor and demonstrable connections to real business outcomes."

- Scott Bauman, EVP at Greenough Communications