World builder at the Caleb Brown Experience

An open LinkedIn letter to Fei Wu:

Dear Fei. What you are doing in your life right now is so exciting! I say in “your life” rather than in “your work”, because you are the kind of person who brings her full being to each interaction and every situation. Your life is your work. Or, your life’s work is yourself – and, while that project will never be completed – you’ve arrived today at a still place of strength and poise. It is only from this strong and secure position that you can help other people thrive. 

In this still place, you have found your empathy and advocacy and so much more. Your insatiable curiosity is there. Your heritage and distinctiveness is there. Your strength of character is there. Your discipline as a Tae Kwon Do black-belt is there. Your years of emotional labor dealing with the communication risks and complexities of agency work is there too. All of your experience, especially the failures and vulnerable times, as well as your personal attributes, are ready to be tapped. You are ready to help people grow. But you already knew that.

This pivot into consulting for individuals and businesses feels absolutely right and calmly considered. You are an expert in growth, having recently instigated the Feisworld podcast platform to explore your own boundaries and discuss the paths others have taken to find themselves. I think the seeds of this evolution were present even in 2013, when we were at Arnold Worldwide making web applications. I remember you asked me to take a walk so we could have a philosophical conversation about goals and life balance. We’ve taken many remarkable walks together since then, and I think we’ve helped each other ratchet toward our own purposes without losing sight of the bigger picture. In our technical and creative work together, you’ve encouraged me drop my self-imposed limitations and just be myself. I like to think I’ve returned the favor. And it pleases me to see that you are concentrating your energy on helping others make their own work/life transitions. Everyone has a best self, and I have no doubt you will assist your clients be the best they can be. 

Good luck, and keep me posted on your (certain) progress!

– Caleb

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