Kathleen Sheridan, MBA

I feel so fortunate that my path crossed with Fei’s! I’d developed a website piecemeal over many, many months, but I still felt reluctant to officially launch it. I knew it needed something—and I knew I’d know it when I saw it—but how do I get to that point? I lacked the know-how to make the changes to the site that incorporated solid design, ease-of-use, and the right messaging. Enter Fei!

Fei’s expertise covers web design and development, user experience, and marketing—a trifecta—and I needed all of it. Fei began by patiently talking through my goals, offering her feedback on the existing site, and mapping out a plan for the redesign. Fei explained what worked on the site, what needed changing and why, and what her process would be. Fei kept me updated on her progress throughout. We met via Zoom at the mid-point so she could show me her progress and explain the changes. She wanted my feedback and respected my point of view. When the time came for the final product and hand-off, I was truly thrilled with what Fei had done. The site now had the “something” I’d been looking for—and I knew it when I saw it. It was modern, crisp, inviting and Fei used a template that even I could figure out how to update! 

When you work with an expert, it can sometimes feel intimidating, but Fei always conveyed her expertise in a way that felt encouraging and supportive. Fei’s experience was just what I needed—the combination of web design mastery, user experience know-how, and command of marketing and branding. You can find experts in each, but with Fei you have a partner who brings expertise in all to produce an end product that gives her clients the results they seek. 

Fei WuRebranding, Web