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Hey it’s Fei! I love telling YOUR stories.
Website design and development has been a crucial part of our business since 2015.

Three (3) options to choose from

Option 1.






Over a 1-hr recorded Zoom call, we capture your stories + vision, alongside requirements and a wishlist related to your future website. Within one (1) week, you will receive a blueprint! The blueprint is NOT a working website. Instead, it’s a structure + requirement document with prioritization you can bring to a web design to begin building out the actual website.

You can also choose to work with us directly to implement the actual website from the proposal (Option 3 below). When you do, we will deduct your payment made for Option 1 from Option 3.

Investment: $1,000 (ready in 1 week after the Zoom call)

Option 2.
Migrate your existing website using Squarespace




image asset | Feisworld
image asset | Feisworld


This option is great if you already have a website you like from a content and design perspective. But you dislike the CMS (content management system) you are using, and you want to simplify and reduce the cost for maintaining your website.

  • Share your website for review and evaluation
  • Migrate your website from another platform (WordPress, Wix, etc.) to Squarespace using existing content and assets (videos, images), including up to 25 blog posts migration.
  • Squarespace training recorded for you and your team
  • (Optional) We make recommendations and include enhancements (including user experience, content, assets) during the migration
  • (Optional) We help launch your website including domain connection and DNS updates

Investment: $2,500 (ready in 2 weeks)

Option 3.
Design & develop your website from scratch!




image asset | Feisworld
image asset | Feisworld


This option is great for new content creators and entrepreneurs, as well as those who want to grow and restructure their existing businesses. We partner with you to build a brand new website from start to finish.

  • Schedule and record our discovery session (1 hour).
  • First review: we build the blueprint of your website using Squarespace (basic pages, messaging/headlines, some images to polish the first draft of your website)
  • Second review: we complete the website with your feedback and additional content writing (i.e. services, about pages)
  • Website launch!
  • Squarespace live training for you and your team

Investment: $5,000 (ready in 4 weeks)


(Optional) Content creation and consultation: $1,000 each for:

  • 4 medium length blog posts (about 500 words per article)
  • 4 short video editing and in-home video setup consultation (less than 10 mins each)
  • 4 short podcast/audio recording and editing (less than 10 mins each)  


Let’s start a conversation!











Beyond website development

Building a website is only the first step! We can help you do better and more.
You want more people to visit your website, more customers you like to expand your business, but how?

  • We help you build and grow your email list
  • We help you brainstorm and prioritize effective content strategy
  • At your request, we can create content for you such as emails, ebooks/lead gen, blog posts, videos and online courses, even a podcast
  • We help you find the right resources (writers, virtual assists, etc.) so you can focus on your core business

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