Hey, it's Fei.

I help creators bring their content forward.

whether it’s on Zoom, YouTube, livestreaming, a course or podcasting, I teach you how to get the most out of your content, no matter the platform.

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I helped 5000+ creators and brands take their online business to the next level.

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Hey, it's Fei ("fay")

I make over $60k/year from my YouTube channel, I’ve published over 350+ podcast episodes and I have a documentary on Amazon Prime. And I’m a creator just like you.

Today, I help passionate creators and small businesses package their services and content, independent from the platform.
I want to help you achieve more impact and income in less time.

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Featured Services

I believe in great content, platform-agnostic content. These are some of our most top-selling services. I can help you transform your business by showing your content in the right way, to the right audience.

What People Say

While working with Fei we had significant growth in terms of views and revenue, subscribers, driving Doctorpedia from less than 10K o over 18K in just 4 months.
YouTube reached out to us for an official content partnership!"
Despite the time zone difference of 12 hours, she has always made herself available. Because of her multifaceted skill sets in video marketing, production, content strategy, and launch, she’s able to guide us much beyond what was originally assigned to her. I can and will confidently recommend her to anyone.
She is a renaissance woman whom not I only count on to help me build a presence in all ways online, but I trust her as my partner to think through my business strategy and to look out for my best interest. I consider her a key part of my ability to reach and work with clients and connections of all stripes.
Fei is an experienced content creator, YouTube strategist, marketing and business consultant. She has vast knowledge in helping generate leads and increase revenue. She's reliable, kind, and a humble leader I'm so proud to partner with.

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