For consultants and knowledge experts

YouTube Breakthrough
for Small Business

We help you launch your YouTube channel for your business with regular (> 1 min) and short form videos (<1 min) in just one month.

youtube can help you SELL

How I help consultants and knowledge experts claim their niche and connect with potential customers with micro videos
in just 4 hours per month

I will interview you and work with you one on one to ideate, record, edit and publish over a dozen highly sharable and engaging regular and short-form videos to jump start your YouTube business channel.

How do YOU feel about your current marketing effort to
grow your business?

1 | Feisworld

the tired and overwhelmed,

…hopping from one idea to another with no consistency or repeatable results, working too fast and too much, with little control.

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or the elevated and purposeful

…feeling confident with a clear content strategy production calendar, spending a fraction of the time reaching quality leads.


Our Simple 6-Step Process

Get the motivation, guidance, and support you need to get your videos ready and launched in weeks, not months.

We handle the A-Z process for you, and all you have to do is to show up to two 90-min sessions.

1. Audit

If you have an existing channel for your business on YouTube, we’ll conduct a detailed audit to help you understand what you can start/stop/keep doing on your channel.

2. Channel Creation

If you don’t already have an existing channel on YouTube, our design and production team will help you create one from scratch – including YouTube banner design, 3-4 thumbnail templates, as well as updating channel name, description and external links.

3. Strategy Session (90-min)

We’ll strategize and plan out 10-15 questions for you to answer (as well as what you want to say, how you want to say it, and how you want your videos to look).

4. Interview Recording (90-min)

You won’t be feeling awkward and speaking to a camera with no audience, because I’ll be there to support you and moderate the conversation to make sure we capture everything we need.

5. Editing (1-2 weeks)

My production team will edit your videos to a variety of regular (>1 min, landscape) and short form (>1 min, vertical) videos.

6. Publishing Weekly Videos ($500 value, first month free)

This is where we’ll distribute your regular and short videos on your YouTube channel so you can reach high quality leads for your business consistently. We follow a tried-and-true research process for your video title, keywords, description and more – so you don’t have to spend the time learning and publishing your videos the right way.

*We’ll share tutorials with you and your team on how to publish videos strategically following proper title research, keywords and descriptions. If you wish to let us manage publishing beyond month one, the cost starts at $500/month for 4 regular videos and 4-8 shorts on your YouTube channel.


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