Your help needed: Let’s make Feisworld better and create new stories together!

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Fei Wu

First of all, thank you for listening! We have a backlog of interview episodes that are being edited, in parallel to our massive project which is the docuseries to be released soon in 2019. We don’t have the exact date yet but it’ll be in the first quarter for sure. If you want to follow along our journey as first-time indie filmmakers, please sign up for our Newsletter here.

Back to the topic of the day: Your help needed: Let’s make Feisworld better and create new stories together! 

I seem to have struggled a great deal to answer questions such as “What exactly is Feisworld? Why do you interview people from so many walks of life? Who’s your audience of one?”. It makes me feel terrible. At the end of the day, shouldn’t I be the first person to tell you in a precise sentence what Feisworld is and why you should listen? 

Defining your brand is an important and sensitive topic for entrepreneurs. Most success stories told by entrepreneurs “prove” that they have the secret formula and why yours didn’t work. But if you have been working in your own business long enough, you’ll know that there’s no secret formula, there’s no shortcut. 

You have to make your mistakes, learn from them, get up and move on. 

Before Feisworld, I was working full-time, helping a number of friends setup and continue their businesses. I loved it, and I had no trouble telling anyone who they are and what they do. 

When it comes to my own business, why should it be any different? 

Because it does feel more vulnerable and intimidating. As an entrepreneur, you are so close, sometimes too close to your business and your stories. You are blind-sighted by what you can’t see.  

Feisworld, first a podcast, and now a small consulting company, has grown so much. So have I. 

Every year, I reinvent a little bit more of myself and my business. So will Feisworld be different in 2019 than 2018, 2017? I say, hell yeah. 

One of my young guests, Eli Schwamm (still only 21 year told today), referred to something someone said: “If you aren’t pleased with the world we live in today, might as well create your own.” 

It resonated with me a great deal. It’s a bit on the nose but calling my world “Feisworld” wasn’t accidental. 

The joke Wayne’s World aside, my world has always been just a little different. Having worked in consulting and marketing for a decade, most people I worked with - colleagues and clients - are mostly Caucasian and American. It’s never been a problem and I’ve developed great relationships. (Some argue by saying that my interests such as skateboarding and ice hockey aren’t exactly a good fit for the Asian culture either) 

For one, I’m not much of a drinker AT ALL. Maybe half a glass of wine during New Year gatherings, that’s it.  My colleagues had long stopped asking to join them at bars after work. (Perhaps that’s how I saved so much time to start the podcast). Here’s another challenge, I love playing sports but I hate watching them. Red Sox, Patriots are great teams that make the Bostonians very proud, but when my friends bring up these topics or choose our next get-together, I often feel like an outsider. 

Today, I find myself spending nearly all my spare time with people who are insatiably curious about other cultures and creating new things on their own. Their skin colors, the language they speak, the gods they pray to, don’t matter. 

There is a significant portion of the people whom I’m close to and seek inspirations from are first generation immigrants (The term "first-immigrant" refers to the very first immigrants or to the children of such an immigrant.). Many of my immigrant friends are also minorities in America (Asian, Hispanic, African American, and the LGBTQ community) 

Although I’m just one person who is an immigrant and a minority, I often feel empowered and enlighten by the stories I learn from this very community. 

Therefore I think it’s time for me to be more intentional about the content I create for the community. 

What are the immigrant stories you’d like to hear?

Over the years, I find myself repeatedly answering these questions for my friends, colleagues and people I mentor. 

  • You have finally received your green card (after waiting for 10+ years). Now what do you do with that freedom?

  • What do you do if want to become a freelancer in your field? 

  • You are an immigrant looking to work in a creative field. How do you start? 

  • English isn’t your first language. You have a lot to say and to share, but the slightest language barrier still feels world-shattering and stops you from getting what you want. 

  • You are an immigrant who’s in search of your own voice. What should it sound like, will people listen? 

  • You are an immigrant who has already done very well in your field, how do you pay forward and give back to the community? 

Life is messy for everyone, but especially for immigrants. You’ve gone a long way physically and emotionally. You often feel alone, but you are not.  I’m learning a lot, and so will you. 

This is going to be a my focus for Feisworld in 2019. If you are listening to this, and whether you are an immigrant or minority doesn’t matter. I’m sure you will know someone who can benefit from this conversation. 

Please share your comments and feedback via comments below. You can also drop me an email hello(at)feisworld(dot)com

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