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Title:   Fei’s World Docuseries       

Log line: A series of shorts that shows how the drive to succeed is not bound by borders, race, business type, location or even style. 

Producer: Dan Cooper 

Director: Ed Gregory                         

Genre: Episodic Docuseries (People/Culture) 

TRT: about 60-70 mins total (6 episodes, 10-12 mins per episode) 

First Trailer

Second Trailer


A message from Fei before she shot the film


Fei’s World Docuseries is an intimate look into the lives of a diverse group of incredible people through conversations with Fei Wu.

Having come to America from China as a teenager, Fei has carved out a life as a successful entrepreneur and mentor. These conversations serve to highlight both shared and contrasting struggles and successes with the people she meets.

The content will be released as short form webisodes. We are currently in pre-production. 



To deliver a compelling series of shorts that demonstrate the challenging transitions people are required to go through to succeed in the modern-day world. Whether it’s having the bravery to go it alone as a minority in a new culture, the motivation to create a new work style and help others find their voice, or the compassion to tackle delicate social challenges, it’s 2018, anything is possible but nothing is guaranteed. 

Fei explores out how and why in 10 minutes or less. 



The stories we show will act as inspiration to people facing any kind of challenge and validate those who are already on the road to a positive change and living life on their own terms.


The Team

We have brought together a Chinese female interviewer, an English Producer and Director partnership and an Argentinian editor, each passionate about telling the stories of over 10 incredible people from around the world.  In doing so we will create a multicultural, cross platform work relevant to anyone who is attempting to achieve a positive change. 



The docuseries content will be released as web-series on, and available for news sharing outlets. In the future we may also repurpose and expand the content beyond web series into a long form docuseries for festival consideration. 


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Spring 2019

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