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Feisworld Docuseries is an intimate look into the lives of a diverse group of incredible people through conversations with host Fei Wu.


Having come to America from China as a teenager, Fei has carved out a life as a successful entrepreneur and mentor. These conversations serve to highlight both shared and contrasting struggles and successes with similar people.

Meet Our Stellar Cast

Signature guests with awesome stories.

Seth Godin on Feisworld Documentary

Seth Godin

Ep. 4

Dorie Clark on Feisworld Documentary

Dorie Clark

Ep. 4

Chriss Voss on Feisworld Documentary

Chris Voss

Ep. 3

Sarah Cooper on Feisworld Documentary

Sarah Cooper

Ep. 2

Mick Ebeling on Feisworld Documentary

Mick Ebeling

Ep. 1

Gasya Atherton on Feisworld Documentary

Gasya Atherton

Ep. 5

Atherton Twins

Atherton Twins

Ep. 5

14 | Feisworld Medida

Bisila Bokoko

Ep. 1+2

18 | Feisworld Medida

Barry Alexander

Ep. 3

Cosmo Buono on Feisworld Documentary

Cosmo Buono

Ep. 3

Summary and Guide

Each episode contains unique experiences and breathtaking stories from stellar guests.

Learn from these heroes’ struggles and successes. And remember, these heroes are just like you.

Ep. 1

Social Service

Mick Ebeling and Bisila Bokoko

Nothing is impossible forever. Mick talks about his new project to help the hearing impaired experience music. The same device had a new breakthrough with patients with Parkinson’s.

Ep. 2

Crossing Borders

Sarah Cooper and Bisila Bokoko

Bisila’s name was made fun of every school year while growing up, but it’s now the name of her international brand. Sarah is a comedian who is inspired by her two sisters with disabilities.

Ep. 3


Chris Voss, Barry Alexander and Cosmo Buono

Barry and Cosmo talk about their approach to help artists of any age sustain and thrive in their careers. Chris teaches us how hostage negotiation can help you in everyday life.

Ep. 4

Pay It Forward

Seth Godin and Dorie Clark

Seth Godin believes in emotional labor, and voluntarily showing up in places where the work is emotionally hard. 

Dorie Clark explains why we should embrace our diversity and differences.

Ep. 5

Live Your Work

Andi, Kevin and Gasya Atherton

Andi, Kevin and Gasya Atherton are a family of acrobats performing in Cirque du Soleil. Two of them now in their 40s and raising three young children, how do they balance family and circus life?