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Types of Sponsorships

We can be featured in different ways

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20k quality and focused subscribers

Audience and demographics
  • 64% male, 36% female
  • Primary audience: small business owners, startups, creative entrepreneurs
  • also corporate executives, investors, educators
Topics and Focus Areas
  • Creative entrepreneurship videos (YouTube, Podcast, DIY filmmaking)
  • Business tech tutorials (transcription, video editing, content repurposing)
  • Zoom Features, Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar Tutorials
  • Livestream and multistream how-tos for content creators (non-gamers)

How does the process work?

Step 1


Plan and brainstorm potential video ideas on Google Docs.

Step 2


Review the suggestions together to find suitable content and publishing roadmap

Step 3

Plan & Record

We go ahead and record, edit and fully produce the sponsored videos. We submit them for review.

Step 4

Live on YouTube

We schedule the videos and go live!

full marketing integration

Where else will your brand, product, and content show up besides YouTube?

Our blog

10,000+ visits a month to our website: feisworld.com. Your sponsored video will appear in a dedicated and permanent blog post

Our email list

2,500+ email subscribers and over 40% open rate. Your sponsored video and product will be mentioned in one of our weekly emails

Our LinkedIn

4,100+ followers and thousands of impressions on our posts on LinkedIn. Your video will be shared as a post on my personal and company page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Usually within 1-3 weeks depending on the complexity of the video. Most videos are closed within a week.

Feisworld Media. We respect your ideas and welcome them at the start of the project.
However, it’s not ideal once we are in recording and post-production as additional feedback will increase the cost of the video and delay launch.

If there are visuals, images, logos, b-roll your want us to consider, it will be important to get them as soon as we start.
For referral tracking, a referral or an affiliate link should be available prior to video launch.

Most brands submit payment for Feisworld invoice as soon as we start the project.
Feisworld also works with brands on a retainer basis to deliver a set of videos each month.

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