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Event Content Marketing with AI

We partner with you to create authentic and engaging content before, during, and after the event for our audience and yours.

What We Can Do For Your Events (Virtual or In-Person)

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Event Videos

We create videos from footage captured at the event and share them on our channels:

YouTube (23K subscribers, 3M+ views)
LinkedIn (4.3K followers)

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Speaker Interviews

We invite selected speakers from your events to our 10-year podcast:

Feisworld Podcast and livestream
(350+ episodes, 100K downloads)

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Stories and Blogs

We create stories and blog posts based on our experience before and after the event:

Feisworld Blog (1000+ blog posts, 10K+ monthly readers, and 100K+ impressions)

Event Content Creation for Our Audience, and Yours.

Once we create and share event content on multiple channels, you will have full access to them to share with your audience, too.

When we partner with companies to leverage both of our platforms, our event content can double and triple its reach and impact. It’s a win-win!

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Post-Event Support and Content Repurposing

We help you repurpose keynotes, webinars, and panel discussions into keyword-driven, sharable clips for multiple channels that continue to drive engagement and conversions after the event.

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Example: Microsoft Envision Tour 2023

Before the Event

We prepare an announcement post with event details and shareable documents on our blog leading to the event. Example blog post.

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During the Event

We capture short clips at the event, apply quick edits, and immediately publish on social channels including LinkedIn to share our firsthand experience and report live from the event. Example LinkedIn post.

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After the Event

Days after the event, we put together various videos to showcase various parts of the event from keynote to panel discussions to breakouts. Furthermore, we often prepare a follow-up blog post reflecting event learning, new details, and releases related to the event. Example follow-up blog.

Speaker Interviews

We may choose to interview speakers and guests from the event as well. As part of the Microsoft Envision Tour, we are scheduled to interview Florin Rotar in October 2023.

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Other Events We’ve Covered

In addition to AI and tech events which are our main focus for this website, we have experience with backstage interviews for world-class performing arts companies such as Cirque du Soleil, Montreal Circus Festival, and Broadway shows.

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