Fitness & Dance Livestream Products

This page is created based on popular products mentioned on Feisworld Media, as well as those recommended by the Dance Livestream and Videos community on Facebook. There are some referral links below.  If you make a purchase, I make a commission at no extra cost to you and it helps us produce more and better content on the site. Thank you for your support!

The AV Now Complete Virtual Content Creator Kit with Wireless Mic System (various options and price-points)

After releasing a popular video on YouTube demonstrating how to hook up one of the mixer and wireless mic systems, the products have been back ordered! Therefore I’ve been in touch with AV Now to find out if there are other bundles that will work in the same way. Click on the button below to learn about a variety of mixers and virtual content creator kit that will work for teaching on Zoom and that livestream platforms.


Microphones (Wired) and Audio Interfaces


Microphone (Wireless)

External Speakers (for instructors and students)


Tripods and Lenses


Unfortunately many are SOLD OUT as of April/May 2020


Cameras for YouTube and Video Recordings