YouTube Strategy and Production

Hi, I’m Fei Wu. Let’s work together and transform your business with videos.

As a video marketing expert and a monetized YouTuber, I’ve helped dozens of clients
launch and grow their YouTube channels, convert views to leads, and create real business results without burnout
using my thoroughly researched, rigorously tested, step-by-step systems. 

Featured Programs

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YouTube Strategy

$2500 USD (one-month program)

Highly recommended as the starting point of our work together, and revisit every 3 months for content strategy

Strategy deliverables include titles, keywords, and research for 12 regular videos, or 25 shorts. (No production)

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YouTube Growth Hack with Shorts

$2500/month (2-month minimum, renewal available)

Turbocharge your YouTube views with strategic Shorts content

Together we ideate, record, and release 25 shorts (vertical videos that are less than 1-min in length) on your YouTube channel. We recommend high-frequency publishing daily if possible to fast-track learnings and results.

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YouTube Turnkey Solutions

$2500/month (3-month minimum, renewal available)

The all-in-one Strategy, Production, and Publishing Services for your channel. Perfect for new and experienced creators and businesses on YouTube who want to leave the hard work with professionals so that you can focus on only recording and nothing else, literally. We will clean it up and do all the rest for you.

We recommend creating 8 shorts (under 1 min) and 4 regular videos (under 10 mins) during this program.

Need help with recording? We got you!

We will be in the online recording studio with you – as your audience, your operator, and your production partner!

This support is free of charge when you sign up for our production packages (YouTube Shorts or YouTube Turnkey Solutions). We help you navigate audio and video setup, lighting, recording quality, as well as moderation if you need someone to pitch the questions to you. Rest assured, we are in the background supporting you only, you are the hero and the only focus in your final videos.

If you have any questions about our products and services, send us an email at [email protected]