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Does YouTube Really Work for Small Businesses?

75% of small businesses with a YouTube channel agree that is has helped them to grow their customer base.

65% of small businesses with a YouTube channels say they are using them to showcase their products and services.

We help you strategize, produce and launch the right videos on your YouTube channel, drive high quality leads to your services and products.

The journey is hard, don’t go it alone

Our YouTube Strategy and all-in-one production and launch program can fit your needs and help you grow your business.

Attract more leads

YouTube helps you raise brand awareness and show up in search engines like Google, bringing your ideal clients directly to you.

Drive more sales

Videos have much higher conversion rates and also create new opportunities for collaborations and sponsorships to increase revenue streams and sales.

Long-term value

We focus on creating real business impact and an evergreen sales funnel for your business.

Powerful tools

We create a tailored strategy for your business and teach you to leverage power tools.


Results for Our Clients

Linh Podetti, 7K subscribers
Home Cafe by Charlie, 18K subscribers

CLIENT INDUSTRY: Medicine / Healthcare

PROBLEM: An online medical resource for doctors and patients acquired a YouTube channel and needed a clear strategy so the existing and future content are cohesive, consistent and authentic to their brand.

RESULTS: The founder hired us for YouTube Strategy and Publishing. Their YouTube channel went from less than 10K to over 18K subscribers in just 4 months on YouTube. YouTube Health – a division at YouTube, reached out to the founder and for an official content partnership. Feisworld stayed on as a strategic partner and continued to advise the brand for months until their internal production team had a solid foundation and content calendar. 

CLIENT INDUSTRY: Speaking and Consulting

PROBLEM: This client is aware of the importance of YouTube as an organic source for generating leads for his business. Yet he had not be publishing to his existing YT channel for over 6 months. He had too little time and not enough direction to prioritize and consistently publish his videos. 

RESULTS: Within one week of signing up for our all-in-one production package, we helped him come up with over a dozen video ideas including a breakthrough video ranking by views (1 of 10). This client was able to publish videos on a weekly basic, then increase to twice a week. How? He committed to our micro content breakthrough program where one hour interview recordings turned into over a dozen short videos.

His channel views increased by 238%, watch time by 140% and subscribers up by 277% within a 60-day period

This was achieved while the client went on vacation overseas for 10 days, while working on a number of highly demanding client projects. He felt supported and at ease knowing our team took care of the production and publishing process. 

CLIENT INDUSTRY: content-based product and training company

PROBLEM: this client has been the owner and content creator behind a successful training company for over 20 years. She deeply believes in content-based strategies and enjoys creating content. However, she’s too busy with her day-to-day operations and rarely finds time for video creations. She needed an experienced, trustworthy thinking partner to help her ramp up YouTube again.

SOLUTION: Client immediately regained clarity and confidence during our first discovery and planning call. After leaving YouTube behind for nearly two years, she didn’t realize how much the landscape has changed and the new opportunities that present for her and her business. Our quarterly 12-video playbook walkthrough was beyond her expectations, where we collaborated with her to arrive at 12 videos for Q1 2023 with topics, keywords, researched bullet points and primary call to action (CTA). She was able to proceed with ease and batch record all 12 videos within two business days.

strategy Package

YouTube Strategy & Channel Playbook

A transformative 3-week program

Learn how to use YouTube to support your business in raising brand awareness, attracting more leads, and closing more sales.

  • Discovery call (1.5 hr)
  • Comprehensive playbook walkthrough (1 hr)
  • Channel audit and quick-win analysis
  • 12 recommended video titles and keywords
  • Unlimited email support for 3 weeks
  • Recordings available for all sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • For YouTube strategy, the 3-week period should be very manageable. We will schedule two 60-min Zoom calls.
  • For our Video Content Breakthrough, clients are spending on average 2 hours each month working with us on strategy and recording.
  • For YouTube turnkey solutions, most of our clients spend no more than 4 hours a month on video planning and recording.

In addition, we will teach you how to batch content planning and recording. You will be more efficient as we move forward.

First, we need to define what “working” means to your business. To our clients in the coaching and consulting industry, it often translates to conversations with highly targeted potential clients because they’ve watched one of the videos. You may also notice an increase in email sign-ups, digital downloads, contact form submissions, etc. Some of our clients in products and services will see a spike in registrations to their webinars, events, and even direct sales.

We encourage owners and founders to be present on camera, but it really depends on the type of video and the message we want to convey. We have worked with marketing team members, influencers, and actors too.

Yes, YouTube publishing is part of our turnkey solutions.

We offer social media publishing using platforms such as and Sendible. We focus primarily on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

If you are looking for dedicated virtual assistants, we can refer you to one of our trusted partners.

Generally there are 3 types of videos: Business, Product and Promotional videos. We always leave the jargons out, so you don’t have to remember technical terms that don’t serve you. Instead, you focus on telling the stories that will attract the right clients to your business.

We understand that one size may not fit all. You may need more than 12 videos for your channel playbook, or you need a-la-carte services for production. You can simply email us at hello(at)feisworld(dot)com or use the contact form below to tell us more about your project.

Yes! We’ve done a lot of livestream content across different channels and it’s a really interesting way to market your services and products.

Feel free to check out our YouTuber Kit designed for profitable small YouTubers and businesses.

Looking for a turnkey solution?

We will help you with everything else including strategy, editing, and publishing the videos on your channel following strategic title and keyword research. We also provide monthly analytics and walkthrough to show you the progress and result.

All you have to do is RECORD, we’ll take care of the rest.

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