YouTube Growth Hack with Shorts

Hyper grow your YouTube views and viewership with strategic Shorts content

YouTube Shorts has great organic reach

YouTube Shorts has one of the best organic reaches on the platform. With over 1.5 billion views daily, Shorts views are about half of all YouTube views (2.9 billion views/day). We offer you the turnkey solution to create compelling and engaging Shorts that drive real lasting business impacts.

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Our simple workflow keeps you motivated and gets things done



We meet and discuss to understand your business model, and your specific needs to inform the creation of a Channel Playbook and Content Calendar



We edit and produce your dozens of Shorts videos following YouTube production’s best practices and your custom Channel Playbook.



We publish your videos on your channel every day (or every other day) following tried-and-true research using TubeBuddy, and Google Trends for titles and keywords. You can sit back, relax and we will share analytics and learnings with you on an on-going basis.

Real results

Client Examples

Michael Leckie Shorts

Beyond Michael’s long-form videos, we decided to release Shorts (under 60 secs) on his channel. 10 Shorts took Michael less than 30 mins to record, and they drove over 3,000 views in less than one month.

The same Shorts videos were shared across Michael’s social media channels including LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok. Shorts helped Michael re-engage with his existing followers on LinkedIn while developing new fans on other platforms.

Dorie Clark

Dorie Clark is a best-selling author and one of Top 50 business thinkers in the world. Dorie recorded 10 Shorts for us to edit and publish over the course of one month. Her channel views grew 300%, and unique viewers grew 699%. Of all her channel traffic, 78% came from Shorts.

At the same time, the same Shorts are outperforming on LinkedIn (2x the number of comments and re-shares compared to other posts) and Instagram (3-4K views per video compared to a few hundred views on regular reels).

Shorts Impact on Our Own YouTube Channel (Feisworld Media)

21,000 subscribers, average of 50-60K views per month as of February 2023 (here are some of our Shorts)

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Shorts are 25% of our total traffic

After creating Shorts consistently for only a few months, Shorts content is now a significant portion of our total channel traffic.

Our channel has been monetized since March 2020. As of February 2023, our Shorts are also monetized on our channel.

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Views, Watch-Time, and Subscribers are all UP

Shorts help drive awareness and interest toward our long-form content. All the metrics are up within a 28-day and 90-day period.

As you can see, we have only posted less than 10 shorts in this period. By increasing Shorts’ publishing frequency, we expect to see an even bigger return on the investment of Shorts (which by the way, takes a lot less time to script, record, and edit – about 10-20% of the effort compared to long form).

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Top Shorts drive real impact and results

Here are some of our top Shorts created in the past few months. While the format and durations vary, the top performers have accumulated significant views and watch time.

Shorts have generally lower RPMs compared to long-form content. But good Shorts content is likely going to receive significantly more views compared to some long-form content.

General FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • For YouTube strategy, the 3-week period should be very manageable. We will schedule two 60-min Zoom calls.
  • For our Video Content Breakthrough, clients are spending on average 2 hours each month working with us on strategy and recording.
  • For YouTube turnkey solutions, most of our clients spend no more than 4 hours a month on video planning and recording.

In addition, we will teach you how to batch content planning and recording. You will be more efficient as we move forward.

First, we need to define what “working” means to your business. To our clients in the coaching and consulting industry, it often translates to conversations with highly targeted potential clients because they’ve watched one of the videos. You may also notice an increase in email sign-ups, digital downloads, contact form submissions, etc. Some of our clients in products and services will see a spike in registrations to their webinars, events, and even direct sales.

We encourage owners and founders to be present on camera, but it really depends on the type of video and the message we want to convey. We have worked with marketing team members, influencers, and actors too.

Yes, YouTube publishing is part of our turnkey solutions.

We offer social media publishing using platforms such as and Sendible. We focus primarily on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

If you are looking for dedicated virtual assistants, we can refer you to one of our trusted partners.

Generally there are 3 types of videos: Business, Product and Promotional videos. We always leave the jargons out, so you don’t have to remember technical terms that don’t serve you. Instead, you focus on telling the stories that will attract the right clients to your business.

We understand that one size may not fit all. You may need more than 12 videos for your channel playbook, or you need a-la-carte services for production. You can simply email us at hello(at)feisworld(dot)com or use the contact form below to tell us more about your project.

Yes! We’ve done a lot of livestream content across different channels and it’s a really interesting way to market your services and products.

Feel free to check out our YouTuber Kit designed for profitable small YouTubers and businesses.

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Please include as much info as you can (including your YouTube channel if it exists), website URL, the nature of your business and goals. We respond within 24-48 hours. Thank you!

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