Creatify: create video ads with AI in just minutes

Creatify: Create Video Ads From A Product Link With AI (2024 Review)

At Feisworld, we’ve extensively tried AI-assisted tools for video creation and repurposing such as YouTube Shorts, Reels and TikTok. However, this time around we have the chance to test out Creatify, which is centered around video ads, helping marketers and creators generate creatives for ad campaigns (such as Google/Facebook/Instagram/Amazon) in a matter of minutes. Their tool has a unique URL-to-video that promises to churn out high-quality, conversion-focused video ads in minutes, all you need is a product link or description.

In this post , we dive deep into Creatify’s core features, explores its strengths, and hopefully help you decide if it’s the right tool for your video advertising needs. Let’s get started! Create video ads with help of AI. Creating Video Ads With AI (2024 Review)

What is Creatify? is an AI-powered platform designed to simplify the creation of short video ads, particularly targeting social media platforms like TikTok and Meta. The tool enables users to convert product URLs directly into video ads by automatically extracting product details and generating narration, scripts, and realistic avatars.

This process not only speeds up ad creation but also reduces dependencies on language and actors, making it very accessible and efficient for creator, marketers, agencies and content-driven businesses like ours.

Creatify’s AI tools support 29 languages, allowing you to tailor your message to diverse audiences and expand your global reach.

Key Features We Love About Creatify

1. URL to video

This is’s star feature! Simply provide a product link, and their AI analyzes the product, gathers information, and creates a tailored video script and visuals. This can be a huge time saver when in need to deliver different creatives for ad campaigns, also in multiple formats, lengths and aspect ratios!

Let’s do a quick test using Creatify Studio. In this case, we’ll try to create a vertical for our Feisworld Documentary Series and see what it does. Once you log in to their dashboard, tap on URL-to-video ad maker.

Creatify Studio

We’ll get the link from Amazon Prime:

Screenshot 2024 05 17 at 12.37.19 | Feisworld

Once you have the link, add it to the pop-up and continue to Analyze URL.

How to use to create ads with AI

Creatify will automatically gather all the data and assets available from the URL, including text and pictures, and pre-populate a Product Name, Description, and Media. Even a logo! You can tweak it, enhance it, and customize it as desired.

How to use to create ads with AI

Then, the tool will ask you about the video settings, as in aspect ratio, length, language, and target audience.

How to use to create ads with AI

The AI assistant will propose some scripts that will match that video length. Changing them will change the tone and create a different video.

Screenshot 2024 05 17 at 12.52.29 | Feisworld

Lastly, you can select among a few visual styles/templates before rendering the video.

How to use to create ads with AI
Screenshot 2024 05 19 at 16.40.27 | Feisworld
How to use to create ads with AI

After a few minutes, the video ad will be ready to use, download, share or even edit further using Creatify Studio through the browser. It’s possible to adjust assets, are more media, change the length, audio, transition, etc. You get access to a full video editor!

Feisworld Docuseries Ad using Creatify

2. AI Avatar doesn’t require you to design an avatar from scratch. Their AI uses machine learning to generate a unique avatar based on your preferences. You can choose from a variety of avatar styles, genders, and ethnicities. (Available in paid plans)

Creatify AI Avatar
Creatify choosing between different avatars

While AI generates the base avatar, allows for some customization. You can potentially adjust different features to better represent your brand image.’s AI ensures your avatar’s movements are synchronized with the voiceover narration, which creates a more natural and engaging experience.

Creatify's avatar customization

3. AI Script Writer

Stuck for ad copy? Let generate multiple script variations based on your product details. Creatify’s AI scriptwriter is a machine-learning tool designed to take the heavy lifting out of crafting video ad copy.

The core of the AI scriptwriter lies in its ability to analyze data. You can provide a product URL or a detailed description. then extracts key information about your product, its features, and potential benefits. goes beyond simply summarizing your product. Their AI takes into account a vast library of high-performing social media ad scripts. This allows them to generate scripts that are more likely to resonate with your target audience and drive conversions. doesn’t just give you one script option. The AI generates multiple variations with different tones, styles, and approaches. This allows you to experiment and find the script that best suits your brand voice and marketing goals.

Creatify AI script writer

4. Text to Speech

Breathe life into your scripts with Creatify’s AI-powered text-to-speech feature. Choose from a variety of realistic voices for your video narration. Their text-to-speech (TTS) feature allows you to transform the written script of your video ad into a natural-sounding voiceover narration.

Creatify leverages text-to-speech technology (as we’ve covered before on our blog with many other tools such as Descript) to convert your written script into realistic voiceovers. This eliminates the need to record your own narration or hire a voiceover artist (potentially at an additional cost). What’s new with Creatify? It does it in an ad-creation context.

Creatify offers a library of pre-recorded voices with various accents, genders, and tones. You can choose the voice that best suits your brand personality and target audience. (The number of voices may vary depending on your plan).

Creatify AI text to speech

5. Custom Avatar

Creatify’s custom avatars are a special feature (available in paid plans only) that allows you to create a digital character specifically designed to represent your brand in video ads. Unlike the standard AI-generated avatars, custom avatars offer a higher degree of personalization and control.

Creatify gives you the option to upload short video clips of yourself. Their AI then analyzes the footage and uses it to create a custom avatar that resembles you, essentially a digital twin. This can be a great way to maintain a consistent brand presence without needing to be on camera for every video ad.

Creatify Custom Avatar


Creatify offers a free plan as well as different paid tiers:

  • Free Plan: Allows for 10 credits (around 2 videos/month), exports with watermark, 9:16 aspect ratio only, free stock footage, access to limited AI tools, 75 avatars, 40 voices.
  • Creator Plan ($39+/month): Everything in Free plan, exports without watermark, more aspec ratios, premium stock footage, AI avatar, AI script writer, AI text to speech.
  • Business Plan ($135+/month): Everything in Creator plan, create your own avatar, create videos in batches, 50 more realistic avatars, priority processing and customer support.
  • Custom (e.g Enterprise). With Custome you can also get access to Creatify’s API. With their AI Avatar API, you can generate realistic character videos from text or audio input, perfect for creating engaging explainer videos, product demos, and marketing content without the need for live actors or complex animation. In addition The URL-to-Video API simplifies the process of converting web pages into short, compelling video ads.
Creatify pricing in 2024

Conclusion: Is Creatify For You?

If you are spending dozens of hours crafting video ads manually, then it’s definitely worth looking into Creatify. Sure, there are other video creation tools out there that are AI-assisted and sometimes even cheaper. However, none of them -for now- work out of the box with a single product link, combining that with unique AI scripts and amazing AI avatars to make your ads look different and engaging. Creatify empowers you to unlock the potential of AI-powered video advertising: churn out high-quality, engaging video ads in minutes, all without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.

What we love about Creatify is that it streamlines the process with features like scriptwriting, video generation, and text-to-speech narration, freeing you to focus on your marketing strategy. Plus, it’s easy to edit and make modifications on-the-fly with Creatify Studio (web). While Creatify might not be the perfect solution for every creative niche, it offers a powerful toolkit for businesses and marketers on a tight schedule.

At Feisworld, we love these tools aimed at simplifying the creation process, especially for small businesses and agencies that are trying to grow. Kudos to their team!

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