Descript season 4 features and updates recap

Descript Season 4 Comes With More AI And New Features (2023)

Today (June 13th) Descript Season 4 was announced, as part of their quarterly updates, where they walked creators like us through what they have released in the past few months, and gave us an early look at the most existing features they’ve got going on, including what they call “a first look at some weird and wonderful new AI stuff we’re releasing.”

What if you missed the session or don’t have time to watch the whole thing? We created this article just for you to scan through what might be most interesting and relevant for your business.

Main Focus Areas for Descript

  1. Quality: Descript is now more stable than it’s ever been
  2. Gone too far, too clever? The UI is more simplified
  3. Ability to search for highlight

Descript Season 4 Updates

Descript is (finally) available in the browser

You can finally use Descript in your browser (this is a long-waited feature) for so many creators

Generative technology

  • Overdub (existing feature) – easily change words in your recording
  • Regenerate (new feature) – the ability to change intonation through AI, automatically! See below.
Descript Season 4 Updates with Generative Technology
  • Record and Replace (new feature) – write your script directly in the editor and drop visuals as you go, then AI can mix and match AI voice recordings and your own voice recordings. Now you can make recording the last thing you do after everything else is down.
  • Eye Contact (new feature) – with this feature turned on, your eyeballs are automatically focused on the camera. See an actual demo below
Descript Season 4 Eye Contact

When can you access these new features?

Most features will be available between the next few weeks and July. Please keep in mind the timeline is based on this webinar on June 13th, 2023.

  • Descript for Web: next few weeks
  • Eye Contact: Late June
  • Replace selection: Late June
  • Record Scene by Scene: July
  • Regenerate: July
Descript Season 4 Updates - Timeline

A replay of Descript Season 4 Webinar

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