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Notion for YouTube Content Creation (2023) – FREE template

TLDR: Notion is a wonderful tool to use for YouTube content creation. I want to take you step by step to create your first Notion board to manage your YouTube videos. There’s also a template you can use right away to customize and benefit your process right away.

What is Notion and how does it work?

You can call Notion a note-taking and idea-organizing platform, like a lot of Notion alternatives, but it’s also so much more than that. You can use Notion to take notes, track your progress, create a mood board for art, and organize project details.

How I began using Notion for YouTube

I spent more than a decade working as a producer and project manager for Fortune 500 companies. Then in 2016, I started my own media company called Feisworld Media, where I consistently produce content for me and my clients including videos, podcasts, and even a documentary on Amazon. In order to deliver our content of high quality and on schedule, we had to have a plan and a system. That’s when I discovered Notion after many trials and errors.

In this video, I’ll show you exactly how I use Notion to manage my team and our YouTube video creation process from:

  • Ideation
  • Recording
  • Editing
  • Launch

Get your Notion for YouTube template (free!)

Grab your Notion template here.

Please do not request editing access. Instead, click on the “Duplicate” button inside Notion (upper right-hand corner and log in using Notion to create your own).

With a small team living in the US, Sweden, and the Philippines, it was crucial for us to be on the same page without being in the same place. Because we created the system years before the pandemic, we continue to work seamlessly together.

I love talking about systemizing and scaling businesses. Hit reply and let me your thoughts!

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