Contractbook: Best Contract Management and Automation Solution

Contractbook: Best Contract Management and Automation Solution (2023)

Contractbook is a cloud-based contract management software for businesses that want to create, track, eSign, organize, and connect contracts using automated workflows. Staying on top of your contracts, and paperwork is difficult. Particularly when they involve revisions, multiple emails, signaturs, and third-parties. Doing all of this manually is error-prone, and having a dedicated legal team is expensive.

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With Contractbook, you can now replace repetitive processes with contract automation, saving hundreds of hours, legal costs, and making the whole workflow more organized and clear. This tool has potential to become the ultimate tool business will ever need to manage contracts.

Contractbook at Feisworld

Feisworld Media greatly supports simplification and automation tools that help small businesses and creators. Most of the tools we review and recommend in our blog are like that: tools should be here to make our lives easier, so we can focus our time on what’s important. Kudos to the Contractbook team for this initiative!

Why Contractbook?

One of the most convincing visuals to start describing the powerful design behind this platform is this, showcasing the dozens of applications that can be replaced by Contractbook for:

  • Contract drafter
  • Collaboration
  • Signature
  • Storage
  • Task management
Contractbook Homepage

We, as in anyone who’s worked in corporate, have witnessed and possibly lived through the contract management nightmare. As a project manager for over a decade working for some of the largest and more well-known tech consulting and marketing firms in Boston, I have touched hundreds of contracts and scope changes. And I don’t recall a single contract that was signed in the first or second round. Rather, we have always seen dozens of revisions in nearly every section of the contract.

This was before we had cloud solutions such as DropBox and Google Drive. But even after they were invented and put in place, we were all still seeing documents being revised, saved, shared, and stored in multiple systems.

Contractbook Review (2023)

Who is Contractbook for

Contractbook’s Ideal Client Profile (ICP) primarily targets organizations between 10 and 400 employees, but they also service both smaller and larger companies. Most buyers and decision-makers within the companies tend to be executives in Sales, HR, operations, and tech-savvy legal experts.

With that said, Contractbook is used by over 250,000 users worldwide, including industries in tech, marketing, real estate, and financial services as well as emerging spaces such as content creation, influencer management, and small businesses that are dealing with a large volume of contracts and legal regulations.

Who might not need Contractbook (yet)

On the contrary, businesses that do not manage as many contracts might not find Contractbook as necessary. By that, we mean small businesses that hire very few people with little or no turnover, or few contracts with just a few clients. While Contractbook is quite affordable for what it offers, it’s considered a premium product designed for companies.

With that said many businesses are designed to grow and soon enough, they may be facing a bigger and more frequent contract to manage not only full-time employees but potentially contractors, freelancers, and clients, Contractbook is absolutely worth keeping in mind.

Integration with tools you already use

Integration is a big part of Contractbook, that means you can use Contractbook to work with the tools you already have. For example: Slack, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Humanns, Salary, Zenery, Quickbooks and others. See the full list and technical details here.

To manage the integrations inside Contractbook, all you have to do is:

  • Click on Automations from the top menu and then choose Integrations from the left-hand sidebar:
Contractbook integrations
  • You can expand the list of applications you can connect to by clicking on the last tab called More:
Contractbook Integrations (2023)

What if you are looking to use a tool that’s not part of Contractbook’s existing integration?

You can use webhooks in the automation builder or get access to our public APIs for completely tailored integrations with any of your tech-stack tools.

Contact automation

Contract book has an intuitive no-code Automation Builder that is easy for anyone to use. This mean, you can now put your contract tasks on autopilot and keep data in sync across all your documents and tools. Here’s the simple workflow similar to Zapier:

  • Set up a trigger
  • Set up an action
  • Enable automation

With so many integration options, you can put your repetitive contract tasks on autopilot.

Use case for influencers and influencer managers

With so many companies in tech and finance now working directly with social media influencer and content creator, endless contracts are being drafted, negotiated and signed every single day. Unlike the traditional employment contracts that can last for years, these influencer contracts can be written for a single project, a 3-month retainer and often for engagement less than a year. Furthermore, these contracts can vary greatly in dollar amounts, deliverables and legal regulations (given influencers can reside anywhere in the world). The creator economy is the truest form of the global economy.

Because there is a lot of turnover among influencers which makes the contract management process not only tricky for companies, but also for influencers themselves (who aren’t known to manage contracts well). This is a big challenge for the creator economy and particularly for influencers who have to manage multiple contracts at once. Contractbook makes it easy for influencers to manage all their contracts in one place with a single login, as well as influencer managers who can create workflows to quickly onboard and offboard influencers.

With Contractbook, there are a number of tasks that can be automated with ease:

  • A questionnaire is completed by the influencer (as a match for the partnership)
  • The influencer deal stage is changed (i.e. in Hubspot)
  • Contract draft is created in Contractbook
  • Contract is fully signed in Contractbook
  • Deal is updated (i.e. in Hubspot)
  • The document is shared in Contractbook (between influencer and influencer manager to review video content guidelines and talking points)

In addition, Contractbook can be used to keep track of deliverables at a high level, such as:

  • Influencer delivered the first draft of her video content for review
  • Influencer manager submitted revision required
  • Influencer delivered and published revised video and,
  • Influencer manager marks contract as closed and deliverable fulfilled

Note: to keep track of these deliverables, you can use Contractbook to integrate with tools such as Slack, Notion, Asana and many more project management tools.

Outstanding support model

When you sign up to be a Contractbook customer, you aren’t on your own. Instead, they offer the support you need to get started and to become proficient at using the platform. Even though their tool is quite intuitive, they understand that adopting any tool can be a process for an organization, especially those with more complex structure and multiple stakeholders.


With Contractbook, you can connect to your favorite apps and data sources to build self-executing contracts. This is a reality for over 250,000 organizations today. Check it out for your company and contract management process to discover how much time and headache it can save you.

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