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D-ID: Canva integration, chat.D-ID and Creative Reality Studio

D-ID’s Generative AI enables users to transform any picture or video into an extraordinary experience. In late April 2023, they announced a few major updates and features added to D-ID including Creative Reality™ Studio’s native integration inside Canva, chat.D-ID which allows you to chat with AI face-to-face and more.

Put on your seatbelt creator, we are off on a wild ride!

D-ID’s Creative Reality™ Studio inside Canva

D-ID Arrives in Canva Take your visual content to the next level with the power of Creative Reality™ Studio’s core features right from within Canva’s user-friendly interface! Canva now offers the ability to add video AI presenters to countless templates, including presentations, social media posts, multimedia business cards, and even resumes. 

Canva Plugin

Be sure to create a D-ID account free trial first, and then log into Canva using this link to get started!

Getting started with AI Presenters is quite easy. You can use D-ID inside an existing design, or a new design.

D-ID Canva Integration

The rest of the Canva experience for D-ID is intuitive and looks just like the D-ID user interface you are already familiar with. By choosing:

  • What should they say?
  • Choose language
  • Choose voice
  • Choose style

Then you can preview the setup before “Generate presenter”.

Inside Canva, D-ID also shows you the available credits based on your subscriptions so you can easily keep track of them there.

Canva in Mobile

Example of what we created in minutes using Xiang Li’s artworks

Chat.D-ID Lets you talk face-to-face with AI 

Our new web app, chat.D-ID, is the first-of-its-kind solution that lets you speak face-to-face with ChatGPT. Talk to AI, using speech and video instead of only text, just like you do IRL. Hold up to 40 free chats, and see where the conversation takes you.     

Chat.D-ID promo

Creative Reality Studio Facebook Group

You can also join the Creative Reality™ Studio community on Facebook to share your own creations, ask questions, and give feedback.

D-ID for Developers

D-ID presented its cutting-edge solutions at this year’s GTC Developers Conference hosted by Nvidia. Discover D-ID’s latest offerings and how to maximize our powerful API in this 50-minute live broadcast featuring talks by our CEO, CTO, and VP of R&D.

D-ID for Developers

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