Joscelyn Duffy: The Evolution of a Successful Writer

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This episode is created for anyone who are working as a writer and want to maximize her potential in the field, or those considering the possibilities of becoming a writer in the world today. The rules have changes, and what seems popular on the internet may not lead you to becoming a successful writer. 

About Our Guest

Joscelyn Duffy

For 20 years, Joscelyn Duffy has been creating communication that helps move the world forward into our individual and collective potential. As a co-developer of world-changing ideas, she has supported everyone from Fortune 500 companies and New York Times best-selling authors to new entrepreneurs. Her clients have been featured everywhere from “World’s Top” lists to Oprah. Author/Ghostwriter behind 15 books and regular contributor to international publications and podcasts, Joscelyn is on a mission to help entrepreneurs master their messages and create inimitable brands.

Joscelyn was introduced to me through Nicole Jansen, who has appeared on an earlier episode

With an open heart, Joscelyn and I hope you enjoy this conversation and share with one other person who might benefit from it. 

Show Notes

  • [04:00] Tell us more about the current transformation you are going through?
  • [09:00] You’ve written many books. Did your near-death experience give you more insight, or helped more with your writing?
  • [12:00] How do you train your ability to heal yourself?
  • [14:00] You great balance between thinking, acting creatively and running a business. A balance that makes you happy and fulfilled. How did you reach that state?
  • [19:00] When you first started your creative work, what was your message and how did that evolve over time?
  • [23:00] You offer 3 services on your website. How you decided on this number?
  • [25:00] How do you choose your clients, and decide how much to charge?
  • [31:00] How do you do to write so often and get your blogs posted on schedule?
  • [35:00] You have an incredible level of self-awareness, presence and individuality. What would you say to people trying to reach that state?
  • [37:00] What things would you add/remove to your daily routine to learn something new?
  • [40:00] What’s your message to people to aspire to become writers?

Favorite Quotes

[06:00] I spent the greatest part of two years in bed. I never became depressed, I used that time as introspection. To learn, to grow, to obtain wisdom, to observe myself, to observe others, to observe the world around me.

[10:00]  It’s about creating space and creating presence. It’s easy to say it but of course hard to implement it. Be compassionate with yourself because there are always times in our lives where we are dealing with this deeply human aspects. It comes down to the simple things: to be mindful, to be grateful.

[15:00] The greatest challenge in our lives is not to become deeply spiritual, but to become deeply human.  Which means grounding out those universal spiritual truths through the heart and into our everyday lives.

[21:00] When you work with people from a ghost writing perspective, when you are helping them develop their ideas or messages, I’m welcomed into people lives in a way like no other

[28:00] Whether you are doing podcast, videos, writing articles. Get yourself out there, speak from your heart, speak for what you stand for, speak for how you want to serve in a way that only you can. No one has your experience. We all have such a capacity to be teachers.

[30:00] We have chosen to evolve. We are constantly growing. Your message is going to evolve and it’s a beautiful thing, because guess what… your audience is evolving with you. You are taking them on this journey with you.