Nicole Jansen: Find Your Genius and Create a Business You Love

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Nicole Jansen

About Our Guest

Over the past 30 years, Nicole Jansen has coached and trained thousands of leaders, helping them achieve extraordinary results in business and in life.

As a certified Human Behavior Specialist, Business Breakthrough Coach, and Strategic Intervention Coach, Nicole has developed her own special brand of mentorship, which focuses on tapping into your strengths and true purpose, to create lasting success.

On a recent call with Nicole to talk about a Mastermind group I started for podcasters (learn more about altPodcasters here), she gave me a ton of ideas and pinpointed our value-add in minutes. I also discussed Feisworld's first online course and new services to help English-speaking podcasters launch their shows in China, Nicole's feedback was equally relevant and helpful. 

Nicole Jansen is the founder of Discover The Edge. Her clients are mission-driven and range from start-up entrepreneurs to large franchise organizations.  

If you are a content creator, or a podcaster, I think you'll find this episode helpful in finding your voice, understanding the process, playing the long game. 

There's much to be said about playing the long game, but how do people do it in the field remains a mystery. It's not as glamours as you think, and it doesn't start or end with a Tesla.

Nicole I love telling the truth, because it is a privilege to show up for what you love.

If you are one of us, I hope you too continue to do this tomorrow, the week after, decades from now. 

To learn more about Nicole and her work, please visit: 


Show Notes

  • [05:00] Congrats on having a new website! What was the process like to create a new website? What motivated you to do something different?

  • [14:00] What’s your origin story as a coach? When did you get started and why?

  • [18:00] You mentioned that you are an entrepreneur and business-starter since very young (age 16). What business were you in?

  • [22:00] Did you parents have something to do with you role as a coach today? What’s your take on that?

  • [24:00] What are some of the advise you often give to your clients?

  • [29:00] How do you decide how to price yourself/your work, and what to charge?

  • [33:00] What are some of the outcomes that are reasonable for the businesses you deal with? What do your clients usually expect?

  • [38:00] Do people fall into the ‘metrics-trap’ (ask for 3x revenue, 4x downloads, etc)? What are some other examples of things your clients asked you or?

  • [43:00] When did you start your podcast? Did you have a clear vision when you first started?

  • [47:00] How do you deal with downloads and metrics vs. quality of the episodes? Why is this a wrong driver to move forward?


Favorite Quotes

[25:00] For some people their business is failing. They need cash flow NOW. They need to move forward. And a big thing that it’s holding them back is mindset. Strategy and techniques I can teach all day long, but unless their mindset is in the right place, none of that is going to matter.

[30:00] When you go into a business and you become an entrepreneur you know it’s different, you get paid for results, you don’t get paid for time. You can spend 40 hours into your business and you can make no money.

[34:0] People say to me what’s your hourly rate. Obviously I know how many hours I will spend roughly working with a client to get an outcome, but it’s not so much an hourly rate, it’s about the value that you are creating for them. What is the outcome that you are creating.

[38:00] What I also look at is what are the other areas in their life because to me success is holistic. Even though I am a business coach, I understand that I’m working with a human being, that has a family, that has relationships, health, desires, personal goals as well as business goals.


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