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Michael Roderick: How to Get the Meetings, Friends, and Connections You Want


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Michael Roderick is the Founder of Small Pond Enterprises LLC., a company that offers consulting services, workshops, and events to promote and facilitate entrepreneurship and connecting opportunities.

This episode is created for people who want to learn more about:

  • How to navigate significant shifts in careers (average employment today in 2018 is 4.6 years)

  • How to gain access to anyone, across industries

Michael went through a number of significant and unlikely career changes. For example, he went from working as a high school teacher to a successful Broadway producer in under two years.

He founded The Connecting Connectors Conference (ConnectorCon). He also started an arts incubator program to teach more artists about building and growing their own businesses (PLAE).

Access to Anyone is Michael Roderick\’s podcast, which he co-hosted with Michael Schein. 

Careers, especially the ones where you find fulfillment and desire to stick to for a long time, don\’t surface on their own. His podcast explores the tools, methods, and technology that will get you the meetings, friends, and connections you want.

What I personally love the most about the show is that it\’s rich in content and lighthearted in execution. One approach that I can relate to the most is the idea to Connect Across Industries. Because our own podcast, Feisoworld, has historically gone after people from different walks of life, many of the guests have come together to start new and interesting projects, such as video production and web development.

If you want to learn more and connect with Michael Roderick, visit his website at http://www.smallpondenterprises.com/

Show Notes

  • [07:00] On your website, it looks like you’ve lived multiple lives. You’ve done so much stuff and so different. Can you tell us more about it?

  • [08:00] Does your background help you having less fear to transitions and changes?

  • [09:00] What was your very first transition?

  • [10:00] What was your experience with middle school?

  • [12:00] Can you share more details about your upbringing?

  • [14:00] You were a teacher before being a broadway producer, right?

  • [16:00] What was it like to move to NYC?

  • [18:00] How did you navigated through the standard and classic, already established, old fashioned producers/writers in NY and managed to get your way through?

  • [21:00] How old were you when you started teaching and when you moved to NY? When did you leave broadway to start your own business?

  • [23:00] Is Connector Con still ongoing?

  • [24:00] Could you introduce the conference for us? What’s the target audience and who should take part of it?

  • [26:00] How has your experience with Connector Con and what did surprise you from the experience?

  • [30:00] In your podcast, you are sometimes answering several questions instead of asking them. Was that intentional?

  • [42:00] How do you balance content and the type of deliveries for your show?

  • [45:00] What is the question(s) people need to ask you in order to really get to know you?

  • [47:00] How did you own business started? How did you find your mission?

  • [50:00] How did the artistic community react to your initiative? Sometimes the intention can be there but the reaction could be tough until they get familiar with it.

Favorite Quotes 

[08:00] Transition is the type of thing that is very tricky and painful at first, but after you pull that first band-aid, it feels less intense. You reach a point where even if you have to make that transition, you feel comfort there, and makes it less overwhelming.

[18:00] In the initial stages, it was all about ‘what could I learn’. I was always approaching things from an educational standpoint. Even if something didn’t work. This is something I’ve been stuck with all my life and that has been really helpful. Anything that doesn’t work is not failure, it’s new information.

[24:00] It’s all about making introductions, developing partnerships and building relationships. The idea is to bring people together, who are connectors, who are interested in this idea of connecting, who love to bring people together from lots of different industries and worlds, and providing top level education and experiences that would get them to think differently about the world around them.

[26:00] The interesting thing about impact is that there’s this idea that the strongest results come from your weakest connections, so the people that you barely know are often the ones that will be able to help you the most.

[28:00] Cross-pollination of industries can be such a powerful thing when it comes to learning, connecting, opportunities. That level of diversity, of mixing, really brings new perspective, new ideas to the table, and I love that.


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