Lisa Guida: Unconventional Advice for Women Who Work With Men

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About Our Guest

Lisa Guida is a Leadership Coach for Professional Women Who Work in Male Dominated Industries. We met through Seth Godin's altMBA. 

For over 25 years, Lisa was the only woman in the Senior Leadership Team meetings. 

What We Discussed with Lisa Guida

Lisa talks to me about the secret to growing careers, businesses, and relationships. It all comes down to people. From how to deal with conflicts at work, manage difficult conversation, to thrive in a male dominated environment, we get deep into the core of what every woman should know in a workplace. 

To learn more about Lisa Guida, visit her website:

Show Notes 

  • [05:00] How did you move from the corporate world to the coaching business? 
  • [08:00] On the issue of women who do not support other women
  • [10:00] What’s your experience balancing group vs individual motivation?
  • [14:00] In your coaching business, do you have to deal with difference between man and women when they are at home (their role and attitude towards family)?
  • [18:00] What’s the best way to start a conversation, when you are in a relationship, or to open up the discussion for these issues?
  • [21:00] What do you think about parallel moves in our personal careers, compared to vertical, where you are always trying to go up in the ladder in the corporate world?
  • [23:00] Have you given any counter-intuitive advice to your students?
  • [27:00] What are some steps to be more proactive at work when you want things to change?
  • [29:00] What are some of the most scenarios where women could actively seek improvement?
  • [35:00] What’s unlearning and how did it start?
  • [40:00] What’s your business model when you work with companies?
  • [42:00] Where do you find the energy to work on all your projects?

Favorite Quotes

[06:00] I knew I wanted to help women that were working in male-dominated industries, because what I was seeing as I talked to women was that they were wasting years in their career, essentially waiting for permission, or to get noticed.

[09:00] There are industries where that is changing but that’s a tough call. It takes a lot of energy and inner work to get past thinking that your success is dependent on somebody else’s success or status quo to move forward

[31:00] Ensure that you are on a path to getting a raise each year. I got raises every year even when they said there were no raises, but it was because I continually checked in with my boss, I didn’t wait for them to come to me. I went to them, and one of the most important questions I always asked was ‘here’s what I’m working on, here’s what I’m going to be doing the next couple of weeks, here’s what I’m focused on. Has anything changed in the business that I need to know about to adjust what I’m doing?’

[42:00] I hate to hear when people say that they hate their jobs, that they dread going to work, they feel all this stress. And I know that most people will stay with that, but there are plenty of people in companies today that still have that fire in their belly, and they want to make things better. And they can, there are ways of doing that…

[43:00] Just because there’s going to be change doesn’t mean that they are going to be threaten by it. In fact it could open all sorts of opportunities for you. That’s what unlearning is about.


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