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Thank you for your interest in referring new guests to Feisworld Podcast! 

Since launching the show in 2014, we have included guests from many walks of life who shared authentic moments and personal stories with us that have helped tens of thousands of listeners from around the world. 

Please review the FAQs below before submitting your guest referral using the form at the bottom of the page.

Q: What types of guests is Feisworld Podcast looking for?

Starting in 2018, we have decided to narrow down on some of the categories to give our podcast better focus. The stories we are gathering at the moment are:

Influencers & Creators with clear messages, lessons and personal stories to share. Perhaps some of them have discovered unconventional methods to build and grow their communities and businesses. 

The topics we are focusing on are seen on the Podcast page here., and we encourage you to think about the 1-2 topics that resonate most with you or the proposed guest, where you are most prepared to share your experience and learnings.

The six main topics are:

Have Fun at Work
Build a Tribe
Transitions & Reflections
Ideas that Spread
Live Your Art
Pay Forward 

Q: What are the benefits of appearing on a podcast, and particularly Feisworld Podcast?

Joining a podcast is one of the most effective ways to get your message out. Long-form interview podcast such as Feisworld enables you to enhance your message with personal stories, context and necessary details as you choose. 

Feisworld Podcast is available on (nearly) all the platforms where people download their podcasts.  

Q: Does the guest need to prepare for the interview? What’s the expectation?

Yes, please. Since we are seeking more experienced speakers, content creators, this is usually not a problem. For guests who have recently written books, appeared as keynote speakers are already structured in what they have to deliver. 

Hence we ask the same questions to your guest in the form below, what will he or she share with the Feisworld audience? And Why? 

Q: What are the demographics of the Feisworld audience? 




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Generated in May 2018 based on data from the previous 12 months


Q: What are the audience interested / not interested in?

Our listeners enjoy authentic stories they can connect with, real people they are comfortable learning from. No gimmicks, no empty promises, constant call to actions (i.e. to buy your product, sell your book). Try listening to a few episodes is the best way to get a sense for what we are (and aren’t) looking for. 

Q: Does Feisworld charge a fee for guests to appear on the show?

No. But we do evaluate guest referrals carefully as podcast production is time consuming and costly. We want to make sure we have the right guests on the show. 

Q: What’s a typical wait-time to schedule the interview recording?

The recording can happen quite fast (within 2-3 weeks). Fei has time blocked each week for podcast recording.  

Q: How soon does the episode go live after the recording?

This depends on how many episodes we have produced in the backlog. Typically we have 8-10 episodes produced and ready to publish. Since we are a weekly show, you can expect the episode to come out in 8-10 weeks. 

We have occasionally expedited releases of certain episodes to help guests to meet their “marketing calendar”. But this is not guaranteed.  

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