Podcast Questions 

We are spontaneous with our questions and we generally divide them into two categories.

1. General Questions

2. Questions related to the category or categories you are featured for. Each guest is typically featured in a primary category and a secondary (optional) category. (Click here to see the categories and how they are defined)

Please do not feel overwhelmed by the amount of questions. Since the recording only takes 45 mins to an hour, we will cover about 8-10 main questions, with follow-ups to your stories. For other FAQs, logistics related to appearing as a guest on our show, please visit this page.


General Questions

- What is one of the origin stories that defined your life?

- What were you into/interested in at the age of 10? 

- What is your superpower? 

- What comes easy to you (compared to your friends and peers)? 

- What is something most people don’t know about you?

- What are you most excited about today/recently?

- Whose kindness had a significant impact on your life? 

- How did you begin your journey as a _______?

- What is one misconception associated with (who you are / what you do)? 

- What’s your advice to others who are pursuing a similar path? 


Rapid Fires Questions  

- Do you meditate? What’s your form of meditation? 

- What’s a book you are currently reading? And why? 

- What have you learned, improved on recently? 

- If you could pack one bag to travel for a week, what would you take with you? 


Category Questions: Have fun at Your Job

- What’s not written in your job description but essential to what you do? 

- What are you most proud of? 

- How has the job impact your relationship with your family? Do they understand what you do? 

- How do you optimize the opportunity while working full-time or part-time? 

- Do you believe in cross-industry learning, and why? 

- How do you (try to) have more fun at work? 

- How do you know you’ve made contribution and positive change in your or your client’s organization?  


Category Questions: Build your tribe

- How did you go about building your tribe of ________ as the beginning? (Readers, followers, listeners, etc.) 

- How has your business strategy change overtime? 

- Kevin Kelly's 1'000 true fans - what’s your version of it? 

- Who are your ideal customers? How did you go about reaching them? 

- Surprising/Counter-intuitive learnings while running your own business? 


Category Questions: Reflections and Transitions

- What are/were some of the changes you are/were going through in your life? 

- How does this experience compared to any previous transitions? 

- What prepared you for this transition? What made it more difficult? 

- What's your word of advice for others who may be going through these transitions? 


Category Questions: Ideas that Spread

- What prompt you to create _______ (book/podcast/blog/film/brand, etc.) ?

- What do you like / dislike about the creation process in _________ (your industry) today?

- What’s your advice for someone who’s working on his/her first project (book/podcast/blog/film/brand, etc.)? 

- Your creation process / routine 

- How have you spread your idea? 


Category Questions: Live Your Art

- When did you discover your passion for ______? (Earliest memories)

- When did you realize that you had to pursue _____? Or was it optional? 

- Do you think it takes bravery to pursue art, and why? 

- Do you remember a time when you experience a setback, or felt that you have failed?

- Did you overcome that challenge? How?

 - What would you do outside of your career? 


Category Questions: Pay Forward / Social Service / Teaching

- How did you discover the opportunity to give back? 

- Why do you think it’s important to pay forward? 

- What are some of the challenges you face dealing with ______? 

- What are some of the surprising outcomes you’ve experienced?