Podcast Strategy and Production

Hi, I’m Fei. Let’s work together and transform your business with podcasting

I’ve helped dozens of clients launch and grow their podcasts, and convert views to leads since 2014.

Hosting and Moderation

I have experience running big and small recordings and live events, hosting sessions with tier-1 speakers such as Steve Wozniak, Arianna Huffington, and Mark Cuban. You can hire me as a host for your podcast.


Whether you are new to podcasting or working towards growing an existing show, podcast strategy involves more than just getting views and listeners. We will create a plan that helps you generate quality content, build an engaged community and increase visibility and reach for your services and products.

Video Podcast

Video podcasts are getting increasingly popular for good reasons. They can be distributed and viewed on various platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media platforms. You will triple your audience with create bigger impacts for your business.


Our multifaceted team is equipped with podcast, video, documentary film and music production experience. From simple editing to NPR-level production quality, we make production an easy and rewarding experience.


Livestream is more accessible than ever before. With tools like Restream, Streamyard, all you need is wifi, a computer or a phone to go live. Livestream allows you to engage with your audience, and we walk you through every step of the way to set you up for livestream confidence and success.

Studio Setup

We help you achieve quality audio and video without breaking the bank. If you are considering an upgrade, we can help you find just the right products, and support you to create a studio environment you love to produce more quality content for your business.


We created PodIntelligence (PI), an AI-powered, human-enabled software to help podcasters and businesses do more with the content they already have. With PodIntelligence, you can navigate hours of audio or videos by keywords, topics, speakers, and more – better, you can repurpose easily them for social media.

Micro Content Creation

We help you create micro-content in the forms of YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, TikTok videos right from your podcast videos or audio. Our done-for-you (DFY) program not only helps you create content from your show, but we will also publish them for you on selected social channels.

Tech Consulting

Podcasting, livestream, AI and content creation can become get technical and intimidating. We keep a pulse on podcasting so that you don’t have to. We offer tech consulting to you and your team to understand and prioritize what is relevant and needed for your podcast and business.

Work Showcase

Sharing a combination of video and audio podcasts from our clients

Who We Are

Hi there, it’s Fei and German. Good to meet you!

We are the core team for podcast strategy and production at Feisworld Media. We have been partnering on creating high-quality and engaging content for our clients since 2016. From audio podcasts to video podcasts, and a documentary film on Amazon Prime, we have more chops you will need to succeed in your project.

Fei Wu | Feisworld
Fei Wu

Fei is the creator of Feisworld Media, a monetized YouTube channel, a documentary film on Amazon, and a podcast with over 330 episodes since its inception in 2014.

Fei has helped dozens of clients in the software, finance, retail, education, and coaching industries produce, launch, and grow their podcasts and YouTube channels.

Fei has been featured in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Dorie Clarks’ best-selling book “Entrepreneurial You”.

German Ceballos | Feisworld
German Ceballos

Germán is a Ph.D. in Computer Science (computer architecture), with a strong creative drive. He has over 13 years of experience in GPUs, memory systems, digital twins, and simulation technologies.

Germán also leads a media production company and recording studio with 200+ releases, 100M+ streams, and films for Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Logging well over 3000 studio hours, he has edited over 50 podcasts and shows from 20 countries in both audio and video form.

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